A good friend is doing it. So are a couple of acquaintances.  But me, I wouldn’t do census work. As Doug points out, this is not about following the lead of Erick Erickson , himself as far as we know a chicken hawk in the global war against part-time government employees.

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  • RW

    For the sake of your friends’ safety, maybe they’re part a part of the no-show jobs division of the census. :)

  • LMAO… That was funny – both intentionally, and I think unintentionally… anybody should be able to get one chuckle or another out of it. I especially like the scenes of the fat-cat census workers drinking margaritas, smoking cubans and throwing monopoly money off of the ferris wheel. I’ll show this to my friends next time I see them. They’ll get a kick, too.

  • No way I would do it. Not around here for damn sure. There are just too many other ways to make a little money on the side. God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.

    Hell, my dad just won $378,000 from Georgia Fantasy Five. Maybe he will loan me enough to get me through the Obama depression :-)

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