Draw Wrong Mohammed Day

I screwed up. I thought it was Draw Mohammed Bouyeri Day. So, this is what I toiled away for:

Draw Mohammed Day

So… anyway… The best compilation is at Friendly Atheist.

I began disapproving of the project on the grounds that it’s wrong to poke millions of people in the eye to express disapproval of a couple hundred asshole extremists.

I’ve been known to criticize the perpetrators of CrackerGate on similar grounds.

On the other hand… a number of commentors are right.  This is a freedom of speech and freedom of religion issue.

Furthermore, anyone who is truly saddened or offended by someone outside their own religion violating their religious taboos in a harmless manner would be better off to re-think what’s worth getting saddened or offended.

What should sadden and offend is the idea that Draw Mohammed Day is done just to sadden and offend people who belong to that religion. To the extent that some of the actors are doing it for that very purpose, I commiserate, and I do not endorse the day.  But to the extent that it is done not to poke at Muslims but rather to poke at extremism and make social commentary about the importance of freedom, the inappropriateness of universalizing a cultural taboo, and the evil of enforcing cultural taboos through violence, I join whole-heartedly.  At least I would have if I hadn’t already drawn the wrong Mohammed.

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