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My intention is/was to add a new Booger digest as soon as the last link scrolled off the page from the previous digest.  So RSS/facebook readers would still have a chance at the links.  I’ve been derelict, but I hope to do better.  Here’s the current batch.

Turley on Kagan
from Dispatches from the Culture Wars

I lean toward Turley’s view,  myself.

Mojave Cross Stolen
from Dispatches from the Culture Wars

I lean toward Ed’s view, myself

Jewish and Christian Approaches to the Psalms
from Ancient Hebrew Poetry

This conference is something I see only as through a glass, darkly.  Even so, it looks fascinating.

The 5 Percent Down Fall
from Post Politics

Probably was a good amendment.

ScienceShot: Flash Floods Make Gems on Titan
from News – Up to the minute news and analysis from Science

Sir Ian ‘Gandalf’ McKellen mistaken for homeless,…
from Boing Boing

Hiding Police Brutality in Seattle
from Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Badass Quote of the Day
from Dispatches from the Culture Wars

NATO’s ‘Most Damaging’ Spy
from 3quarksdaily

Bill Clinton to Bloomberg: I’m glad you don’t like…
from SayUncle

The Story Behind Twitter’s ‘Accept’ Bug
from Little Green Footballs

Reverse Reparations
from Obsidian Wings

The case against Elena Kagan – Glenn Greenwald –

GOP: Slavery and Disenfranchisement of Women Were…
from Obsidian Wings

He’s perfectly fit to possess and use a firearm, as…
from The Northern Muckraker

6 comments to Boogers Digest

  • RW

    Sez something that Ed’s initial response to the cross theft is that the bad thing would be it being a boon for the right wing blatherers. I’m sure somewhere down the pecking order, stealing objects & breaking laws surely come into play I know where he’s coming from (the anti-gay crowd surely doesn’t help the GOP) but it sure would be nice to simply condemn people for the wrongs they do instead of how it may hurt your/my side politically (see: Muslim extremists) and move on to other things. It was a memorial put up by WWII vets….Everything needn’t be viewed thru a political lens.

  • It wasn’t Ed’s introductory comments that I meant to express agreement with. As though blatherers of that sort *need* fodder from real life… It was more the “I hope you get caught and go to jail” that I meant to endorse.

  • RW

    Yeah, I thought so, which was why I put the ending (which fit you). I completely understand the political nature of the comment, trust me, but to come right out and say it FIRST….tells me a lot about the person doing it.

    Maybe it’s the nature of the ‘biz’, since he is running a site that needs eyeballs, after all.
    About another link to him, the ‘badass comment of the day”. First, it’s the first time the term ‘badass’ has ever been in the same area code as EJ Dionne, and second one is free to critique the use of something that is a right granted to us as citizens. I could criticize some 24 year old for having an abortion simply because she wanted to wait until she was out of an apartment, for example. Practicing a right does not mean one is above criticism or that the act of using that right is beyond reproach.

    I mean, if Snoop Dogg was put on the stand to testify about smoking marijuana and he took the 5th, he has that right and I’m free and clear to say “yeah, and we all know why he took the 5th”, too.

    Someone being picked up on the battlefield or a prime target of investigation who is questioned about a potential bomb is quite different than my local policeman knocking down my door in the dead of night just because, which was his analogy, IIRC. The slippery-slope argument sometimes is overused. We do have different rules of engagement as it pertains to homeland security & methinks that a small, yet growing, size of society is blurring them together & pretending that you or I are just as likely to be sent to Gitmo as Haseem Ackbar, who was picked up w/C-4 in his trunk.

  • & pretending that you or I are just as likely to be sent to Gitmo as Haseem Ackbar, who was picked up w/C-4 in his trunk.

    But it isn’t a pretense, nor a slippery slope argument. It is a warning: the *only* two things that prevent you & me being disappeared are 1) the benevolence of the people in charge, and 2) the rights we are entitled to under the law.

    If we give up, without a fight, the rights we are entitled to under the law, then the only remaining hope we have is placed on the benevolence of the people in power. History proves that we are not wise to place all of our trust in their benevolence.

    That’s why I enthusiastically endorse Ed’s final paragraph, whether or not his argument about the derogatory use of the term “lawyered up” is strong (personally, I’d prefer to see a drastic retreat in politically and emotionally loaded terms in the public dialogue). The idea that we can prevent more crimes and terrorism by giving up the protections of the law is true. Nevertheless, it remains “authoritarian bullshit”.

    Concerning the current talk about making “suspicion” on the part of a benevolent power sufficient grounds to nullify the rights of citizenship… It’s glaringly obvious to the anti-authoritarian that this is unacceptable on its face. It isn’t a slippery slope argument – it’s an argument about whether that first step is itself unsatisfactory. *No further legal steps need to be made in order for this to be exploited by a non-benevolent power*. That’s game over.

    Of course this is an oversimplification… because those talking about rolling back citizenship rights on terror suspects are making a very simplistic demand. Somewhere out there is probably someone who is truly concerned about civil liberties and avoiding an authoritarian state who knows a thing or two and still feels it could be useful to make a plan that would make it easier to interrogate terror suspects. Such a person may be right or wrong. Their plan may be useful or not. It may effectively preserve the rights of the citizenry or not. I don’t have such a plan myself, and am personally comfortable that police work can be effective enough without more work-arounds. But I’ll try to listen fairly to anyone who is not just resorting to authoritarianism to soothe their fears – or making a power grab for themselves.

    All of this applies in spades to the Bush era doctrine now being implemented for the first time by Obama that extrajudicial assassination of “suspect” American citizens is allowable.

  • RW

    O/T, but about the great state of TN, which I’ve lived about an hour from for almost 40 years:

    When I leave Tennessee I want to go to Heaven. – Charlie Daniels

    Reminds me of Hank Jr’s ‘If Heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie’. Sometimes our country stars sure have a way with words. Your home state has been through hell.

  • Had a Tennessee buddy of mine send me this

    It has been rough up there.

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