Boogers Digest (Thursday)

These things pile up super quick.

Outrageous Outrage of the Day!
from Little Green Footballs

This is a case in point on the politics makes you dumb front.

NYU Students Raise More than $100,000 to Build Facebook…
from Mashable!

Via someone I follow on Google Reader. There’s a high probability I will dump Facebook for the new platform if it pans out & Facebook doesn’t clean up its act.

Links for 2010-05-13
from Uncertain Principles

His links are better than mine.

Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
from SayUncle

Uncle noticed what MilBloggers had to say on the matter.

Like you and me, only better
from SayUncle

Just weird.

The 12 Tribes in Revelation 7
from Boston Bible Geeks

Even as a non-religious person I’m prone to be impressed by a preacher elucidating something from the Bible that you wouldn’t have noticed if you weren’t paying real close attention… but often as not the preachers are not finding something interesting there as much as they are putting interesting things there.  BBG are pretty good at doing the real thing and it’s neat when they do. My applause.

The Mysterious Case of Mirin Dajo, the Human Pincushion
from Skepticblog

His show involved being run through with a fencing foil in the most realistic way possible: doing it for real. As always, the mind is boggled and wants to take the easy answer, which is of course “magic”. But the truth is stranger than fiction.

Poll: Majority of Americans Deserve Neither Liberty…
from Poli-Tea

… nor Security.

Too much television.
from View From  The Porch

Another one I re-shared from someone else I follow.  A cautionary tale on more than one front.

The Nature Of Scholarship in the Blogosphere
from Exploring Our Matrix

Mostly just for the cartoon… but some good links there, too.

Desperate man in electronics store toilet tweets for…
from Boing Boing

… and gets it.

Possible Breakthrough In Hydrogen Energy
from Slashdot

Headline misleading – closer to “possible breakthrough in hydrogen energy storage and transfer efficiency”.  But still very worthwhile.

How’s this?
from Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tenne

Bob Corker is, depending on your view, trying to get a good idea passed by stripping it of bad baggage… or just calling a bluff.  This amendment was mentioned in the last Digest, and I still think it probably is a good one.

Police torture methods questioned after “murdered”…
from Boing Boing

A Crack in the Mirror Neuron Hypothesis of Autism…

Possibly also a crack in the mirror neuron hypothesis of self-consciousness, but I guess we’ll see.

Creationist vs. creationist on Homo habilis
from The Panda’s Thumb

There’s probably less difference than you think between a human and our closest living relatives – Chimpanzees, Bonobos or both. But there’s a lot less difference between humans and many of our extinct relatives in the Homo and Australopithecus lines.  And sometimes the differences are so blurred that no one can reliably tell the difference.  What should give alarm bells to the creationists involved here is this. Each is supremely confident that humans and our extinct neighbors can be differentiated cleanly in to human “kind” and non-human “kind” (as in “created kind”). Each confidently place these extinct neighbors into those categories.  And each of those confident groupings is remarkably different than the other. Somewhere, someone should be second-guessing that supreme confidence.

1 comment to Boogers Digest (Thursday)

  • jadarm

    If a bear wearing a little tiny hat took a crap in the woods, …but you didn’t see him take a crap, …then did he really take a crap? …and was he really wearing a little tiny hat?

    How do you know? Did you see the crap afterwards? Did you talk to the rabbit that the bear used to wipe his ass with? He could have been lying you know. Did a little birdy tell you?

    …and why were you trying to watch this bear take a crap anyway? Did you like his little tiny hat? Or are you just a sicko??

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