You decide how apt…

If Corporations are persons, as the United States Supreme Court recently affirmed, then Democratic and Republican law-makers are perhaps best seen as dogs and cats. Certainly there is animosity between them, but they both have the same masters.

Some of these pets are well behaved and serve their masters well. Some are less well-behaved, but very few will bite the hand that feeds them.

And, if Republican and Democratic politicians are dogs and cats, then Tea Partiers and Dirty F-in’ Hippies are fleas. When the dog is getting the master’s treats, he may find his enjoyment is hampered by an infestation of fleas. The cat is pleased to see this and waits until the dog has to go and scratch and lick himself to placate the fleas so that she can get a turn to sit in master’s lap. Before long, though she gets some fleas and has to retreat and give the dog a turn.

The rest of the people are children, watching Disney cartoon animals who are every bit as masterful as the people. Some are enjoying the fiction. Some are just watching because there’s nothing better on.

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  • jlue

    In some ways, you are in agreement with Glenn Beck. Everyone needs to hear what he has to say today, April 28, 2010. If you missed the five o’clock show, it comes on again late tonight. EVERYONE needs to hear this.

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