Meet the new boss…

This is my tipping point. Unless and until sanity returns to the American political system, I will not participate in it in any capacity. The only exception is the possibility that a sane third party arises with a credible promise of reform. That is all.

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  • Charlie Talbert

    This doesn’t seem like a great idea. I think Obama is making a mistake. I’m far from giving up on him, though.

    It can reasonably be argued that Lincoln profoundly erred when he suspended habeas corpus, but he is generally regarded as the best president of them all. (I’m not sure that this is the most authoritative link out there, but it seems consistent with what I’ve read elsewhere in books about Lincoln and his suspension of habeas corpus.)

    As you probably know, Obama has been compared to Lincoln. I was reminded of this comparison earlier this week – about the “malice towards none” attitude of both of them, and their shared eloquence – when I read this piece by Jon Meacham in Newsweek. I’m referring to the “America evolves…” passage, quoting Obama’s words, as he addresses the racial component of the opposition to him, including the tea-party movement.

  • Many of the oldest Americans were alarmed with how Obama charmed the American voters two years ago. Perhaps we should have taken more heed to their observations.

    Don’t give up the fight for the good as you see it. All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.

  • Until sanity returns? Was it ever there? When?

    I know what alarmed many of the oldest Americans about Obama and it was not the fact that he might authorize the assassination of enemies of the State. If we had listened to many of the oldest Americans we would have McCain / Palin at the helm.

    No thanks.

  • Charlie, I’ll try to re-think… but this is the normalization of extrajudicial killing of American citizens, not in the course of combat or as a result of an immediate threat to an arresting officer – and not as a “mistake” as in Jonathan Ayer’s case but as a deliberate act of the government. This really crosses the line in a way that Lincoln’s suspension of habeas doesn’t approach, to my way of thinking. And Obama was supposed to have been a professor of constitutional law. My ass.

    At some point, the notion of another GWB or a McCain or a Palin ceases to motivate me to hold my nose and support their rivals. I believe I reached that point yesterday.

  • RW

    And here’s the part where I defend President Obama:
    I admit up front that I’m somewhat ignorant on this & only know the peripherals, but I guess it depends on whether we’re using this as our battle in the war (and war WAS declared) or if this is just a specific target. We’re using drones & if we have intel on that guy and a drone is flying overhead; yeah, take him out. But, if we’re using our manpower (Marines/special ops) to try to find this one specific gent, then I can completely understand your disamay. Funny, how Obama is singling out Americans to assassinate whereas we go out of our way to protect the radical islamists who are beheading & actively killing, but I digress. In a nutshell, some of this falls in line with part of my disgust with the Bush admin. from ’05-’07, in that if we’re going to war then we engage war. If we’re ready to scale back and call off the dogs and expand “operation outreach: Al Qaeda/Taliban edition”, then single-point assassinations seem somewhat pointless. I guess it depends on the goal of the administration, which even its supporters are starting to realize can change on a dime (I remember when you had to earn more than $250K to be privy to a tax hike).

    And here’s the part where I don’t defend President Obama:

    As you probably know, Obama has been compared to Lincoln

    And the Jonas Brothers have been compared to the Beatles. Just because fanbois say something doesn’t make it so.

    Good lord…..

  • In politics you pick your poison or let somebody else pick it for you.

  • In 2004, I tried to pick it, but someone else did anyway. In 2008 I picked it & now I have no reasonable assurance that it’s less distasteful than the alternative would have been. At least before I didn’t have to worry about someone murdering me in my sleep on the president’s orders. I reckon I’ll just let other people pick & hope to live through it.

  • I reckon I’ll just let other people pick & hope to live through it.

    You sir are becoming an anarchist.

    And if I am going to be murdered in my sleep on the President’s orders I at least want it to be a President that can speak in complete sentences :-)

  • RW

    At least before I didn’t have to worry about someone murdering me in my sleep on the president’s orders.

    You might get murdered due to the overreach of the imperial federal government, but there is no way that there would be nefarious actions should the federal government’s power be expanded even further in order to make better decisions about your life than you (it knows better, after all)?
    Murder:possible, nannyism/totalitarianism:improbable. ?

  • Ummm… without getting into the philosophical & political discussion about whether a legislative power grab over domestic issues like health insurance or the banking industry whatever might have bad effects…

    In a country where state-sponsored extrajudicial killing is not only “possible” but the prez has already started his American citizen hit list, totalitarianism is already here.

    What libertarians call “nannyism” has been here a long time, and exists all over the first world. Frankly, I just don’t get that upset if the .gov tells me I can’t flush my toilet with half of Chickamauga lake. I understand why people do – I have a smallish libertarian streak myself now, and once had a largish one. But it just doesn’t get to me as badly as when the president says that he can order any of us killed just on his say-so. That’s grounds for impeachment in my book.

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