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  • RW

    O’Reilly covered this last night. Showed video of Obama, Pelosi & others discussing that item when it was still on the table last year, which was when the tapes showing FNC discussing it were made.

    As is per the usual, the huffpo must distort things in order to appease their audience.

  • I’m not a huffpo reader, but I’ll stand up for them just this one time, since they spoke up for a Republican Senator who was being assclowned by Bill O & Weekend Update guy… I didn’t see much distortion here… This didn’t have to do with whether it was “on the table”… it had to do with whether Tom C was correct in saying that it was hammered on FNC, and therefore whether he deserved to be ridiculed by these two mini-men. In fact, he was correct. In fact, O’Reilly and Miller were the worst kind of extravagantly wrong and/or stupid and/or dishonest.

  • Yeah. It is a pretty cut and dried case. Bill-O says “you have NEVER heard it on FOX news because they had checked and it had NEVER been said there”

    Reminds me of those email forwards I get which say, “I have checked this out on Snopes and it is true!” and then you check it out on Snopes and it is not true.

    Can you imagine the regular FOX news viewer thinking “well, I know I have heard that somewhere before. Reckon where I heard it? Martha have you been changing the news station to MSNBC again? I have told you that you cannot trust those people to be fair and balanced!”

  • jadarm

    Yeah, Bill O and his team research things about as well as I usually do.

    …but I don’t have several million people listening to me everyday either.

    …thank goodness for them!

  • RW

    Transcript of the review. FNC was asking pols/pundits about the bill itself….it wasn’t a case of falsely charging that the other side was going to “implement full evil” (that’s what’s found on MSNBC, Huffpo, PBS, NYT, etc), it was Fox hosts asking about what was on the table at the time, which even Madame speaker copped to.

    ~4M saw BO’s response, so he more than was able to put the official retort on the record. I suppose it depends on the camp in which one resides as to whether one accepts as BS or a legit review.

  • I saw the language of the bill as it was “on the table” at the time. It said that if one didn’t buy insurance, and then, if one didn’t pay the fine, and that if it was shown that this was a willful evasion, which I read as those who were basically determined to be free riders, were in a position to pay the fine, but tried to evade it as they might evade a tax, then imprisonment was an option.

    I also saw the numerous FN clips with the charge that “they are saying that if you don’t buy insurance, you go to jail” – which was not technically accurate and did not responsibly portray the language of the bill.

    I also saw a respected Republican Senator object to that.

    I also saw Bill O’Reilly claim that FN never claimed that if you didn’t buy insurance you would go to jail, and imply that Coburn was lying or stupid.

    I also sow Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller mugging for the camera and mocking Coburn over “his mistake”.

    I then saw the HuffPo prove that Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller were the ones who were actually lying or stupid, and that their mockery of Coburn would have been better directed back at themselves.

    I now see O’Reilly backpedalling and claiming that what he said to Coburn (and presumably what Dennis Miller and he were guffawing over) was that FN never “inaccurately” claimed this.

    I’m sorry, dude. That is extremely weak. FN was all about irresponsibly pushing this meme, and even were technically inaccurate about it. But the zinger isn’t about whether they were right or wrong about pushing it… it is about whether Bill O’ and Miller were right or wrong about claiming they didn’t push it. And they were wrong. Period. And when the mocker is in the wrong and the mockee is in the right, it is the mocker who deserves ridicule.

  • RW

    Okay, then, I saw Al Gore claim to have taken the initiative in creating the internet. I’m gonna start holding you guys to the standards that you hold others…

  • jadarm

    Thats funny, I don’t care who ya are!!

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