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  • RW

    The pic is a little tough to read, but I swear I cannot even see the word “tobacco”, much less a pseudo, check that…literal, recruitment letter for big tobacco, as the author claimed. Did I miss it (honest question)?

  • It was The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition, aka TASSC, which she was pimping. Go to the link for info on its relationship to Philip Morris and BT.

  • RW

    Ah, thanks. One would think that inclusion would be in the original charge, but…..

    Meh. Any organization that goes against the lefty enviro creed will automatically be some sort of “corporate” entity, since the universities/professors are to the left of Castro & any study from the enviros will be claimed by the right to be from the “typical-leftist-government-employee” crowd.

    I file this under “basic boiler-plate”, but YMMV.

    side note: I could go into loooooooooooooonnnngggg detail about the dangers of second-hand smoke. Stuff can mess you up, especially if you are predisposed for breathing problems, as many are. Someone claiming otherwise is being less than honest. Likewise, the original claims of the chances of cancer from second-hand smoke were just as dishonest. Both sides had a grain of truth & a grain of untruth. The same goes for tanning beds & melanoma, btw. Yeah, can be dangerous, but it’s been vastly overblown (with the advent of 24 hr news, I’m beginning to think that just about EVERYTHING has been overblown at some point). Remember the summer of the attacking sharks?

    I try to explain to my 10 year old how it was when I was her age, when smoking cigs were thought of much in the same way we think of chewing gum: not in the classroom, but okay pretty much everywhere else. I came across a show that was entirely made up of newscasts from 11/22/63 & how the media covered the JFK assassination & was shocked to see that the anchors & reporters thought nothing of smoking while they were delivering the news. It was, much like whites-only water fountains in the 50′s, just the way it was, then.


  • as created in 1993 by the APCO Worldwide public relations firm, and was funded by tobacco company Philip Morris (now Altria). TASSC was listed in a confidential Philip Morris memo under “PM Tools to Affect Legislative Decisions”.

    This was 1993 (’94 for Malkin’s invitation to pick up a free membership), not 1953…

  • I can tell you this from my experience. This science business can be as confusing as hell to a non-scientist. You seriously do not know who or what to believe.

    But yeah, I can remember when the high school had designated areas outside where students could smoke. I can also remember when almost all Baptist men stood outside the front of the church to finish their cigarettes before they went inside. Smoking was no big deal back then. I love to watch the old Mayberry episodes when Andy is outside with his guitar after supper sucking a cig. It always looks so funny now.

    As for me I have been tobacco free now for 47 days. My wife promised me that we would kiss more if I quit smoking. Maybe she meant after I had quit smoking for 60 days. I will just have to wait and see.

  • RW

    Ah, the ever-present memo. A confidential one, too! Right up there with Ezra Klein’s Townhouse e-mails.

    This is the part where I go back to last week’s comment on GE getting billion-dollar gov’t contracts from the Obama admin while paying zero income taxes – your welcome, Phil Griffin – while having on-air propagandists pointing viewers to pro-Obama outlets like Media Matters (a 501C non-partisan non profit), Jane Hamsher and any other lefty propaganda that they can gleem from the internet. Except, legally, MMFA is, again, non-partisan, so MSNBC isn’t even obligated to denote that the info that Olby is reading on air is even politically slanted.

    Malkin was paid to offer partisan opinion. MSNBC talent is, for the most part, paid to offer partisan opinion. Last week Olby was reading a post (journalism at its finest) detailing out Sarah Palin committed perjury.

    Read.A.Blog.Post.On.Air. Charging Perjury. From the evidence of… anonymous blogger. Put forth as a story, not listed under his “special comment” part.

    Like I said, basic boiler-plate. In this case, going back into the archives to find something that most righties would say today (watch out for those enviro experts, they’re not always correct).
    Is there any strategy to be put forth about running this country (the left is in control) besides following Alinsky’s rule of trying to target & destroy one’s political opponent; in this case, any conservative? That is all, apparently, that happens from the mainstream left. Earlier it was Joe the Plumber, then Limbaugh, then Beck, then O’Reilly, then the Tea Partiers, it’s always Sarah Palin or her family.

    For example, this week’s big issue is illegal immigration. I know what I get from the right, I exist there. From the left I see hatred for the right, especially, now, Arizona. What ideas does the left support? What proposals will we see in the future on the links with your eye boogers? Part of leadership, after all, is leading. I’d really, honestly, like to see what the left wants; exactly, and in detail. I can’t find it (maybe in some distant quarters), but there sure is a whole lotta hatred for folks like me.

    And I haven’t even broken any laws. [well, there was that cam version of that crappy movie I downloaded]

  • RW

    Buck, great comment. I remember the smoking section outside H.S., too. And, yep, the girls who smoked were the ones less likely to be, ahem, wearing white at their weddings for just cause.

    smijer, I wasn’t trying to be snarky or start a fight, I’m just overwhelmed, at times, as I look across the left (don’t want to live in an echo chamber) and all I see are charges of racism, bigotry or some other reason why “I”, generic me, and thus my opinion have no credibility. I’m sure you feel the same way in reverse sometimes, no doubt.

  • RW… Try to read my posts in light of a new unspoken pledge…

    I may include some political material in the boogers, and comment on it when I present booger digests… But I’m not writing about politics any more.

    It’s either going to be some lighthearted b.s., or it’s going to be reflections about human nature, religion, or science. In some cases, like this post, I’m going to be reminding us all that political (or religious) attempts to undermine science (especially under the guise of pretending to protect us from “junk” science as defined by the political interest at hand), are a fact of life, and should be recognized and avoided. But that’s neither a condemnation of “the right” nor any other political entity other than the ones involved in it. And no, it isn’t excused by the fact that some political figures bring science into a political discussion (Gore haters can see here).

    I think Alinsky gets too much credit… as does Lee Atwater who created the GOP parallel of the “Alinsky rules”. But yes, I do notice when figures on the right try to marginalize and destroy figures on the left as you do the reverse. I notice it especially when the marginalizing figure is someone who deserves marginalization themselves. I’m sure you do, too. But that’s outside the scope of what I want to talk about these days. I want to get away from partisanship and talk about *reality*. A focus on politics poisons the ability to perceive and discuss reality as quick as drinking drano will kill a person.

  • RW

    Thanks, and duly noted. Looks like you’ve officially joined the ranks of “cynic”. Join the club. :) I was mainly inspired because I usually click on your links, though. I noticed you’d moved away.

    The strum & drang, after a while, gets boring & monotonous, don’t she?

  • I want to go on record as saying that I love the boogers. Love ‘em. I look at ‘em every day.

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