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Who Wants to be A Millionaire

From onegoodmove

(He Means “Beat”)

Where does oil come from?

From Boing Boing

Whistling Dixie

From Balloon Juice

Whatever DougJ is doing, I’m not casting aspersions. Just highlighting the money quote which is certainly being ironic when it says “Thank God we now live in a post-racial world”. We don’t.

Claude Allègre: The Climate Imposter

From RealClimate

Ex-Muslim President of Liberty University Under Fire…

From Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion

(for faking his ex-Muslim pedigree)

The Universe is Not a Black Hole

From Cosmic Variance

Dinosaurs outgrow their baby feathers : Nature News


Noah’s Ark Update: Yep, Its a Hoax

From Science and Religion

Not necessarily a hoax. I’m not sure about the info from Randall Price. Hoax is one option. Shrine is another. The history and geology of the region strongly suggest there was never a big enough flood to land a boat at that altitude, and that the location has been at that altitude since before there were boats.

Read this: Superbug

From Boing Boing


Frist supports (the heathcare bill)

From Post Politics

Just a few years ago, this fellow was diagnosing patients from the Senate floor. His diagnosis of the healthcare bill may not be trustworthy, but between this and his clean water campaign, I’m beginning to like this man.

26 hours

From SayUncle

Quiz: Deepak, 2Pac or Six Pack?

From Skepchick

Been thinking a lot lately about what “makes sense”.  Beginning to realize that some of the silliest things people believe are snuck into those brains under the guise of “making sense”. More reason for the empirical method.

We’re the rhomboid, they’re the rectangle with the…

From Post Politics


Bedtime for Bonzo

From Post Politics

Ronald Reagan, for all his faults and the policies with which I disagree could not have survived in modern politics.  Because he was usually trying hard to do the best thing for the country instead of slavishly toeing an ideological line.  I don’t wonder why Bill Frist got out of politics when he did.  It’s poison.

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