There’s a name for that…

Something does not seem quite right. The most powerful man in the world, John F. Kennedy, was taken out by a lone nutjob of no previous consequence? A jet flies into the pentagon and yet the expected debris is not visible. And why can’t I see stars in the NASA Apollo moon landing photos?

Some hidden agent must be at work, conspiring to deceive and carry out some sinister plot.

At least that is how our brains are hardwired to think, and some of us more than others. This tendency has been termed the “hyperactive (or hypersensitive) agency detection device” – HADD – coined by Justin Barrett. Understanding that HADD is an intrinsic part of human nature is part of the core knowledge base of the skeptic.

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  • Chalicechick

    Bummer of an update on the Jonathon Ayers shooting:

  • CC, I just don’t know what to say reading that. I’m pretty well convinced that Ayers was just being a good Samaritan here – which doesn’t matter – he didn’t deserve to be attacked & then shot even if he was up to no good, but knowing that he was just giving a ride to someone he knew… who hasn’t done that? He could have been any of us. I feel for his family, deeply.

  • jlue

    As I read this I kept thinking that these are the reasons we are told never to let strangers (If Barrett story was true) get into our cars. Instead, if you want to be a ‘good Samaritian’, give the person money to call a cab, buy a meal, or whatever. Also, if you are being robbed, do not resist. No amount of money is worth being shot. Co-operate and let the thieves have whatever they are after. These two suggestions would have saved this man’s life if the stories told were all true.

  • The way this thing went down is that Ayers picked her up and took her to her room and then gave her money for rent. The undercover agents then followed him to the store, jumped out with guns drawn and shot him. I do understand how his immediate reaction was fight or flight. Since guns were drawn and he had no gun but he had his foot on the accelerator then flight was the natural response. I can’t help but laugh at folks who claim he ran because he knew his life of whore hopping had caught up with him and he was going to lose his “career”.

    The guy was a pastor at a church with about 100 members. How much do you think he pulled down a month for that gig? And everybody that I have talked to who knew him personally said he would give you the last penny he had and would do that with everybody he met. Folks who knew him personally and knew him for years tell me that he had always had a weakness for the poor and the addicted.

    The police accidentally killed this guy and then smeared his name to help cover their ass. It really is that simple.

  • I should have said the police mistakenly killed the guy. Killing him was certainly no accident. When Harrison shot he shot to kill. My only remaining prayer concerning this entire flustercluck is that Mrs. Ayers gets every copper penny she sues for. Every Lincoln cent.

  • ben

    naw,he smeared his own name and Buck you don`t tell it all,you just tell the parts you want to,every one knows you don`t like military or cops.

  • The stuff I do not tell is the stuff you and people like you whisper about. The speculation about who he was and what he was doing in order to cover for these so called “cops”.

    There is plenty of public information out there. For people who want the facts the facts are out there. Folks who just want rumor and innuendo can ask you for your email address.

    You would have crucified Christ Ben. Because he hung out with publicans and sinners. And then you and your friends would have laughed about it down at the Huddle House.

  • ben

    Wrong again,as usual,just been to the huddle house one time,and the remark about Christ,wrong again,it didn`t take him four years to do something.and you just look at what FACTS you won`t to see.

  • Buck

    Take your medication Ben.

  • ben

    ghet off the meth Buck

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