Pearl Buck

Speaking of books that made a permanent impression on me, The Good Earth did. It made a noticeable and long-term impact on my perspective and values. If I remember correctly, I read it on recommendation from my mother.

I always thought Pearl Buck was a funny name… for a man. I never read anything biographical about this author until today. And so, never learned that this author was a she. Today, I rectified that (via 3qd). If you haven’t read about her – or more importantly, read her most important work, you should.

2 comments to Pearl Buck

  • I loved The Good Earth and the two sequels that came after it.

    Good stuff.

  • Aww man. Twin sons of different mothers. I read The Good Earth as a child at the urging of my mother. But I always knew Pearl Buck was a she. Mama told me that before I read the book. And it is very, very good stuff.

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