Fake Weed

I guess this gives new meaning to potpourri

And forty bucks for 3 grams? Holy free-market Batman!

Ain’t it amazing how much folks are willing to spend in order to hallucinate and puke?

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  • Ye gods, I just realized what a dinosaur I am- when I last bought weed, a lid (do they still call them lids?), an ounce, was $25-$40. That’s 25 grams, not 3! I once bought a quarter lb for $45. Holy inflation, Batman!

  • Joel I have a feeling you and I are about the same age. And to be precise 1 Ounce = 28.3495231 Grams. So we are talkin’ $1,133.98 for one ounce of potpourri. The price alone makes me almost hallucinate and puke.

    Let’s just pretend folks are not smokin’ the stuff. Who in their right mind would pay $40.00 for 3 grams of incense? Why not just get a can of Glade?

    I have no idea if ounces are still called lids. What I wonder is how in the world folks afford to smoke it. I wonder if it is sold in one ounce quantities anymore. I guess the dealer just packs a guys bowl and get fifty bucks.

    Dylan said the times were changing and change they did.

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