Baseball approaches

I see Jadarm is all excited about baseball season. As for me I am still chin deep in March madness. I intend to spend tonight with Papaw watching Tennessee try to work their way into the Elite 8. And as far as tournament brackets go I think this year I hit my all time bottom as far as prognostications go. It started when Notre Dame lost and has gotten progressively worse as we have gone along.

But speaking of baseball I saw this story about a freak injury to Derrek Lee. I feel his pain. Having been a big ‘ol boy all of my life I know a little bit about collapsing chairs.

But good God. Take a look at what they called “the clubhouse chair”. Man, that looks like something you would pay too much for at an antique market. I would have been looking around for a cinder block before I would have sat down on that damn thing.

As they say over on ESPN, awww come on man!

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