Starting early

This kind of thing makes me look forward to being a Grandpa.

Yeah. Me and that guy would get along just fine.

3 comments to Starting early

  • hey thar, buck, i aint red nor writ much of nuthin lately, but that lil articull bout the dog gut me rite whar it matters. we gut us a lil chiweenie (a hi-bred twixt a chihuahua n a dachshund, aka, mexican hotdog) a few weeks back (fer therapy, ye mite could say). he shore knows moren i will lackly larn bout life n luv … n he aint but 7 munths ole …

  • whoops! that commint wuz mint fer the pervious post …

  • You can commint anywhere you want to Buddy and anytime. I still check your blog every day and I hope you will soon be able to get back into the swing of things. I sure miss the waka’s and the pictures.

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