As most of you guys know, I am a Vols fan first, …and an SEC fan second.

…and it looks like its panning out to be a good day for the SEC.

The Gators, led by semi-retired, vacationing, LOA taking, lucky as hell Urban Meyer are first in the nation right now via grabbing 4 of the nation’s top 10 recruits.

As of 11:45 EST the top 5 stands as:

1. Florida

2. Texas

3. Alabama

4. USC

5. Auburn

…or course that is depending upon who you get your information from: Rivals, Scout, or ESPN.

I must admit, Lane Kiffin and Ed Orgeron have done a superb job recruiting since arriving back in Southern Cal…even stealing all-world receiver Markeith Ambles from us during the final hours.

Les Miles and Chavis also pulled off a coup by stealing J.C. Copeland to the Tigers. We could have really used that guy!

UT are not to be out done though, having stolen our own 5-star receiver away from UGA’s Mark Richt in Da’Rick Rogers. (sorry Buck) has him listed as the overall 8th best player in the nation…truth be told, Kiffin had already worked on him, but Dooley was the one that closed that deal.

Some are saying that UT already possesses the top group of wide receivers in the nation, …with Matt Milton already on campus as a mid-term enrollee.

We have already snagged Michael Palardy, considered the nations best kicking prospect by ….hopefully plugging a glaring hole for the Vols this coming season.

Sometimes tho’, its not about who signs the LOI on National Signing Day but who doesn’t.

I still predict, nay hope, that the Vols ultimately wind up with a top 10 class this year.

Update: as of 3:45 EST the Gators still seem to be on top of things. The article I have linked might proclaim something to the effect that us Vols “lost out” on losing Markeith Ambles…but truth be told, I am still holding on dearly to the fact that people are already claiming UT to have the best WR recruiting class in the nation.

That in itself is going to speak tons when new guys like QB Nick Stephens(yeah, he’s had a few snaps) or Tyler Bray (A 4 star QB recruit out of Kiffin’s own back yard) tries to get their feet wet in a new offense.

True, UT may have a year or two of growing pains, …but as long as the recruiting is there…and especially the development, …then “us” UT fans have a bright future indeed.

btw, has UT currently listed as the 8th top recruiting class in the nation. Let’s go Dooley!

8 comments to Recruiting

  • Oh yeah. There was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth when Da’Rick decided to go to Knoxville. And many Dog fans are just devastated by our class of recruits this year. One guy even chose UCF over Georgia. That hurts man. That is like the girl you ask to go to the prom with you choosing instead the geek with thick glasses, braces and acne. How does UGA lose a guy to UCF?

    But all in all I am happy with the way it turned out. We got help where we needed it most. We signed some good kids who will contribute to the program.

    And Bacarri Rambo has promised to “knock the fire” out of Da’Rick when they meet on the field of battle.

    Not to try and piss on your parade but I saw Da’Rick play in the Georgia state championship game and he was very, very unimpressive. And that was when I thought he was signing with Georgia. Of course Calhoun was playing Buford and Buford is a legendary Georgia high school football team.

    Time will tell. Next year is the year for somebody to knock Florida out of the SEC championship game. Georgia or Tennessee needs to step up and get a trip to Atlanta. Losing Tebow and a hell of a lot of their starting defense will have to hurt Florida.


  • Lmao. Maybe losing Tebow AND a kilo of kryptonite will hurt the gators…

  • jadarm

    Doesn’t look like Mr. Jaques Shit will hurt the Gators anytime soon.

    I’m still freaking out over how good Auburn did this year!!

  • Man the coaching carousel continues to go round and round.

    Plenty of Gator fans on the Dog boards predicting four more years of humbling beat downs. And when you have lost 18 of the last 20 or whatever in the hell it is all you can do is hang your head and take the pounding.

    I am just glad I am old enough to remember when Georgia almost never lost to Florida. Those were the BS years (Before Spurrier)

    As sad as it makes me to have to say it I really don’t even think a kilo of kryptonite will help. Those guys just keep coming and coming and coming.

    It seems like it is an eternity until September. Nothing to do until then except hope and dream.

  • jadarm

    Just do another end-zone dance next time you play them … That should do it.

    …and then make sure you run Urban out of TO’s before the game is over.

  • That damn end zone dance. The Chappaquiddick of the Bulldogs. We will wear that around our necks until the end of time I guess.

  • jadarm

    I thought it was cool at the time…pissed Urban off tho’.

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