A Dog’s Purpose

We can learn a lot from old dogs and children.

And of course a little bit of  watermelon wine.

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  • jadarm

    I read that a few years ago, I thought it was pretty awesome.

    I absolutely adore dogs, …love them to death!

    Poodles don’t count tho’. I am thinking of starting a petition to get the “dog” title taken away from poodles. Still don’t know what we could call them…but as long as it isn’t “dog” I will be fine.

  • We have 4 dogs. Two of them sleep with me and my wife every night. The other two stand guard outside.

    Before I got married dogs were just dogs. I loved ‘em and everything and had a lot of fun with them and cried when they got killed or died or ran away and shit like that.

    But I never knew dog love until I got married. Man, my wife would choose the dogs over me and makes no bones about it. She brushes their teeth and makes them wear sweaters when it is cold. It is amazing. She cannot walk by one of those dogs without kissing it and the only time I can even get a dry peck is if I hand her my credit card.

    We have one cat but a cat is in an entirely different category. As they say, you never own a cat at cat owns you.

  • jadarm

    An old friend of mine was in the navy years ago, he was traveling over to Greece or somewhere around there as I recall. He had just crossed the border and immediately saw a hamburger stand on the side of the road.

    Smelled good.

    He went up and bought one, started eating it, …and said to the guy, “Wow, this is really great! This is one of the best burgers I have ever had! …What did you do to this??”

    The guy replied in a foreign language but seemed to understand that my friend was enjoying the burger and was realizing his question.

    My friend was a little denser, and tried using hand signals simultaneously while he was talking to better communicate his question.

    The proprietor finally put both hands behind his own head to form dog ears and said “woof-woof!”

    My friend immediately spit the bite in his mouth out and claimed he didn’t eat for two days.

    I kinda always thought that’s why the Chihuahua was the National Dog of Mexico. …because they were the only dogs running around that were too small to eat!

    I love all dogs and would never consider eating one. Not without a little Bar-B-Que sauce anyway.

    XXX/OOO/616/365…(364 on leap year)

  • A Tom T. Hall fan–I shoulda known. Here’s a somewhat distorted but very listenable cover by the Drive-By Truckers. The studio version on their most recent record makes me cry. The song it leads into here should really be heard in a clearer version to enjoy its Crazy Horsish majesty.

  • That was great John. I had never heard the Drive-By Truckers before. They did a great job. I am going to have to make it a point to listen to more of them.

    I couldn’t help but wonder what was on fire while they were playing. It looked almost as if I had driven up in my truck and rolled down the window.

    Oh, and where I come from instead of “shoulda known” it would be “mightta knowed”

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