Will the world ever witness another Roger Federer?

Good grief!

At age 28 he is still ranked #1 in the world (237 consecutive weeks) with 16 Grand Slam titles!!!

Federer vs. Nadal…makes me kind of reminisce about the good ol’ days of Johnny Mac and Jimmy Connors. (check out the high dollar wooden rackets!)

Nadal is probably as good an athlete as I have ever seen, …he absolutely owns clay courts…but Federer caught up to him in 2007 besting him in the Hamburg Masters.

I loved watching Pete Sampras, at the time I considered him the “Greg Maddux” of tennis…but Federer is putting a stamp on the sport that may never again be equaled.

Tennis is a young man’s game, even Roger suggests that the prime years are 22 to 25 years old, as opposed to a less strenuous sport, baseball, where the prime years are generally considered to be between 27 and 30 years old.

Roger is 28, just won another major, …and is still ranked #1 on the globe.

Tiger? Jordan? Manning? Phelps? James? Pujols?

Who dominates their own sport in today’s game more than Federer?

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  • It is funny how out of the loop I am. I read the name Roger Federer and I knew I had seen it many times and in many different instances but man, I didn’t even know he played tennis.

    But it sounds like he is pretty damn good! :-)

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