So, Who Would You Drink A Beer With?

I was pondering this poetic question all day long today, …and although my conclusions may not be quite poetic, …well, they are mine nonetheless.

I will not limit the criteria to the living, however morbid some of you might think of drinking beer with a corpse may be, I want to give the question a bit of depth…as much depth as a question pertaining who you would want to get schnockered with can be.

So here goes…

You have to pick your top 3!

First: I am not going to choose a politician, …no, not Abraham Lincoln or George Washington or anyone like that (although partying it up with Clinton might be fun)…no, I figure, If I want to drink beer and get lied to again I can just get married and indulge myself 365 per for the rest of my natural life.

Second: I will not choose any of my “hero’s” from any major professional sports, …because they are not subject to the same rules and repercussions that you and I are on a daily basis. …no link needed.

…and C: I will not needlessly choose “hottie’s” like Anniston, Jolie, McAdams, or my Jack Russell Doc! It’s just shameless and has no place on such a dignified site such as this. (So I will save it for the other site…hehehe.)

My first pick?

1. Adam Sandler: He may not be the funniest guy ever, …but he seems good enough to me. He appears to know how to have fun, could be wrong tho’.

2. Andy Rooney: Yeah, I know he is an old croon…but he is still awesome. I love drinking beer with old prejudicial white people…and he is actually the voice of a generation, whether you want to hear it or not. I will agree with half of what he says, …and then laugh at the other half, …should have a helluva good time tho’.

3. With my last choice I am really wanting to say something like John Belushi, …or Chris Farley, …but I am thinking I may have to go with…

Seth MacFarlane.

…but he has to be drinking a beer too…or two.

Nuff said!

So folks, …your turn!

10 comments to So, Who Would You Drink A Beer With?

  • Actually it’s still your turn. . .

    Would you down an Arrogant Bastard Ale or two with The Emerson Avenger? :-)

  • jadarm

    Thats funny…and yeah I would, long as he is buying, which if he is a Unitarian Universalist….well then, he probably is.

  • RW

    . Frank Sinatra (think he’d have any stories?)
    . Dennis Miller (loved the guy when he was a lib, a centrist & a righty. Funniest man I’ve ever listened to)
    . I’d assume that he’d go with wine, but my #1 choice in any incarnation of this question is my lord & savior, Jesus Christ. Would love to hear from him (assuming I’d have a translator, since I don’t speak Aramaic) in his own words the exact context of so many things that we idiot humans keep mangling.

  • Tiger. I think he could probably use a little pick me up.

  • RW

    Just don’t take your wife along.

  • 1) Dave Matthews
    2) Neil Young
    3) Bob Dylan

    Preferably Dogfish Head 120 Minute I.P.A.

  • Well actually The Emerson Avenger is more or less an “excommunicated” Unitarian aka U*U.

    Thankfully I was “excommunicated” several years before CUC Executive Director decided to insert famous U*U Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s “picture of an asshole” between the “Twin Cheeks” of what *was* The UU Movement in order to symbolize the much vaunted “inclusiveness” of what is *now* The U*U Movement.

    Come to think of it. . .

    Isn’t “inclusive U*U Movement” something of an oxy*moron? ;-)

    Unless perhaps you’re U*U retentive or something.

    Personally *I* think that Mary Bennett had probably downed a few too many “Full of Shit” Asshole Ales (just Google it. . .) when she dreamed U*Up *that* dU*Ubious “corporate identity” acronym/logo for what is now U*Uism.

  • Geno

    Wow, who would I like to drink a beer with. Well, there is the political side that agrees that Bill Clinton would be a fun discussion, then there is the science in me that says Ben Franklin knows how to party….Let me think a little more. Oh, my artistic side now speaks to the likes of DaVinci, Dali, or Van Gogh…But when I drink a beer with someone, I want to have a great time laugning and cutting up. So, with all of that being said RW was on the right track for me. I would ask for a few rounds to be poured with “The Rat Pack”. Those guys could have a great time. Dino, Sammy & Old Blue Eyes…

  • daveyt16

    Although I’m not a big fan of tennis by any stretch of the imagination, I would have to say Johnny Mcenroe. Guy knows how to party.
    And probably Ron White as well.

    Adam Sandler’s a great choice…as are also probably all of his regulars that show up in all of his films. If only Chris Farley or Belushi were still alive…

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