Hitler reacts to the Brown victory

As I have said before, I love these things.

I had to stop by Jay’s place this morning and congratulate him.

I think I have gotten more laughs off of the internet today than I have in a long, long time.

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  • I heard about Jay’s victory & thought about the impending defeat of the thimble that was going to be used to bail out the Titanic. But hell. It was just a thimble anyway. Sometimes I start to feel saddened that Americans are so unwilling to take care of our own. But life’s too short to be sad about human nature, you know.

    Congrats, Jay. Your candidate ran a very good campaign & it paid off.

  • Life is too short to be sad about anything. I am still shocked that health care reform got as far as it did.

    And what about the campaign Coakley ran? My god man. There are no words.

  • RW

    I stated on my old blog over and over that politics is cyclical and I predicted a Dem ’08 victory LONG before anyone had secured their party’s nomination. But, man, that was ONE SHORT cycle. Not that the GOP has done very much to garner the nation’s support, though. Heck, this year I’m joining many Massachusettans (?) and officially registering as an independent.

    Buck, I’ve been laughing, as well. I haven’t been able to keep my eyes of MSNBC since I got home last night. Wonder if they’ll learn. Meh, gotta be the teabagger in me talking. :)

  • ben

    Well in Obama`s words she lost because of Bush.

  • She lost because she was a horrible candidate and not because of Bush or Obama. She got exactly what she deserved. I don’t think I have ever even heard of any candidate putting in as little effort as she did. The 60-40 vs 59-41 does not bother me at all. The Democrats couldn’t get health care reform passed if it was 80-20.

  • jadarm

    Dude, had to watch it twice….hilarious!

  • ben

    The horrible candidate was ahead 20 pts. on 12/19 then came the vote buying the closed backroom meetings,if you don`t think that had any bearing,then you are in a dream world.

  • You listen to too much talk radio Ben.

  • ben

    Have never listened to talk radio,but Buck look on the bright side,this might be the thing that wake`s Obama up and get his head out of his a$$,along with his cohorts and start doing the right thing.if so it might mean reelection in 2012

  • RW

    Of course it was a singular race, based on local stuff. Nothing to do with D.C. or Obamacare. – Virginia governor’s election.


    Of course it was a singular race, based on local stuff. Nothing to do with D.C. or Obamacare. – New Jersey governor’s election.


    Of course it was a singular race, based on local stuff. Nothing to do with D.C. or Obamacare. – Massachusetts Senator’s election.


    Of course it is a singular race, based on local stuff. Nothing to do with D.C. or Obamacare. – Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Arlen Specter, Claire McKaskill…

  • It wasn’t a singular race, based on local stuff. It did have something to do with DC and health insurance reform. But the funny thing is that any poll you like will show you that a majority of MAites favor the health insurance bill (or think it doesn’t go far enough), and favor Obama. That’s the confounding thing about American politics in this country – the populace can favor a thing and a politician still win, in part, because of his opposition to it.

    Of course, nationwide – while people hadn’t made up their mind about healthcare before the 2008 election but they generally favored it. Now, the majority has been persuaded to oppose it. So, Obama is losing popularity for doing what people, in part, elected him to do.

    And he’ll be foiled in the effort in part by the vote of someone who supported the same thing in MA.

    It’s a funny, funny world.

  • RW

    Yes, it is. I remember when going into Iraq was consistently over 60% in every poll, yet Bush and the GOP (rightly) were hammered for doing just that, a few years later when things went sour.

    Based on my readings (insert your own caveat), it wasn’t so much the bills themselves (who knows ALL those details?) but the way that they came about. Payoffs, bribes, backdoor deals, refusals to openly debate, exempting unions, etc. Or, in short, it appears that this is “I’m fed up with Washington, D.C.” version….whatever. Funny how recoveries, low unemployment and rapid economic growth cures that malady so consistently, huh?

    I did see a poll that said that MA residents had “health care” as the #1 reason that they voted for Brown, who openly ran against Obamacare, so whatever ideal/item about that plan that they didn’t like, they REALLY didn’t like.

    Maybe those people angry in the streets & at meetings weren’t completely made up of “teabaggers” and radical right wingers, much like many of those anti-war protesters weren’t communists and pacifists?

    Three years ago, it was uncool to be a Republican. Now, people hate Democrats.

    And yet, I still can’t escape Taylor Swift’s or the Black Eyed Peas’ music. Go figure.

  • RW

    And the problems the Dems are having with the public/citizenry are compounded when their base tells them to ignore the….public/citizenry and go ahead & just jam it down our throats.

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