Extra Extra: Read all about it! Derek Dooley to be new coach at UT!

Kinda weird, seeing that Hamilton is still supposed to interview another candidate, Kippy Brown, at 13:00 EST today.

Sorry for Kippy, I actually like the guy.

Dooley doesn’t really have that much of a resume’ tho’ he does have ties to Nick Saban.

If I got Saban’s autograph once, …does that mean I could be in contention for the head job too?

More will develop later for sure…but for now please feel to read this.

3 comments to Extra Extra: Read all about it! Derek Dooley to be new coach at UT!

  • Yes, but Dooley does have a better career winning percentage than our last coach…

  • Dawg-Gone

    Yeah but, truth be told, the people at UT wouldnt have been rioting had they been happy with Kiffin’s departure.

    We will see what integrity, pedigree, and Saban’s blessing will bring us.

  • When I got another text from my brother saying, “Derek Dooley to Tennessee” I sent him one saying, “are you shittin’ me?”

    That was a hire out of the blue. I would have never figured on that one. I hope he does the program proud.

    But I am with you on this Saban thing. It is almost as if all one needs is to touch the hem of His garment and his resume is complete.

    Next season is going to be interesting and I am already chomping at the bit for September 2010.

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