Awwww C’mon Man

Lane Kiffin to Southern California.

I was on the phone with Papaw last night talking about the upcoming Florida vs Kentucky basketball game and he suddenly stopped talking for a minute and then told me that ESPN was reporting that Lane Kiffin was bolting to Southern California. I thought maybe he had taken a little too much hydrocodone and didn’t pay it much attention but suddenly I received a text message from my brother. As soon as I saw that it was from my brother I knew that the Kiffin news was for real. Why else would my brother be sending me a text at 9:00 pm from a hotel room in god-only-knows-where?

Then my phone starting buzzing with texts from damn near everybody who knows me. The news was flowing through the SEC like the winds of Katrina.

One guy sent me this showing the reaction of Urban Meyer.

Another guy sent me this showing the reaction in Southern California.

My two cents to my Tennessee brethren is this. I know this is hard right now but it is really for the best. Lane Kiffin was not going to take you to the promised land. As tough as it seems at this point you now have an opportunity to go out and get a mentally stable coach who can put a team together and keep a team together.

The saddest of the news concerns the upcoming recruits and you can see one mans take on it here

As soon as I heard the news my mind went back to the time when Charlie Pell left Clemson to go to Florida. I live only about 40 miles from the Clemson campus so anything related to Clemson gets good television coverage in my area. I was watching an interview Pell was having on the local NBC affiliate out of Greenville and he was telling the guy that he was not going to leave Clemson. Charlie must have had the airplane tickets in his pocket while doing the interview because he pretty much left the interview and went straight to Florida. I will never forget that. I was amazed that a man could look another man in the eye and lie without as much as an eyebrow twitch. I was only 19 years old at the time and for the last 32 years I have seen it happen regularly.

But still. The steaming pile of shit that Lane Kiffin dumped on Knoxville is worse than anything I have seen from a football coach up to this point. The guy is obviously lacking in character. He has serious issues and really Vols, you need to be glad he is gone.

He was right about one thing. Georgia will never beat Tennessee as long as he is the coach there.

I will pray that Tennessee finds a new coaching staff if ya’ll will pray that Georgia can find a defensive coordinator.

We didn’t have much of a football season but it has been the most interesting post season I can ever remember.

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  • RW

    The steaming pile of shit that Lane Kiffin dumped on Knoxville is worse than anything I have seen from a football coach up to this point.

    Petrino leaving the Falcons DURING THE SEASON (week 14, IIRC) in order to take the job at Arkansas tops anything I’ve ever seen.

  • Yeah I guess it is debatable.

    But leaving a college program and taking the coaching staff with you less than a month before signing day is brutal. And then having the head recruiter telling recruits not to go to class so they can sign with USC is even worse.

    Honestly if I were a recruit I would not even consider following that coaching staff anywhere.

  • In Knoxville

    Of course, the banner headline of today’s Knoxville Knews-Sentinel read “Kiffin Quits Vold.” I had to go to page 8 to find any coverage of the earthquake in Haiti.

    I think we need to find a sense of perspective.

  • I will agree with you there In Knoxville.

    Sports belongs on the sports page.

  • It’s not such that Kiffin left, it’s how he left.

    And the way Orgeron has tried to do an end-run to get players that are enrolled at UT to USC.

    And then the more I read about the Kiffin era, the happier I am he’s outta here.

    I hope we bring back Fulmer…as athletic director.

  • Fulmer bleeds orange and I think he would be the perfect AD for Tennessee. At least he understands the traditions and appreciates the history of Volunteer football. I always liked the guy even though he did kick my Dawgs asses numerous times. I respected him as a man and as a coach.

    Kiffin was and always has been a West Coast guy and he would have never felt at home in the SEC. The PAC-10 is the place for Kiffin. But I don’t believe he will even make a full 5 year stint at USC.

    I read an article where the guy said something like “Kiffin has only been hired as a head coach for 3 football teams and two of them wish they had never heard of the guy now.”

    I think USC will be the third to feel that way before his tenure there is over.

  • jadarm

    Here ya go Buck…this is per the AJC.

    UGA today hired Dallas Cowboys assistant Todd Grantham as its new defensive coordinator.

    Truth be told folks, although we are but weeks away from national signing day…there is never actually a good time for a coach to leave unless its the day after the last game of the season…and thats not really my idea of good, just preferable.

    I also read Weidmers take on why Fulmer should be the AD…thats not completely far fetched at all. I can see that happening…so can Hamilton right about now, I can guarantee it.

    The truth is this, Lane Kiffin was correct. If he had really stunk up the joint while in Knoxville then our fan base wouldn’t have got so irate at the news of his departure, …we would have actually celebrated instead. Seeing his history however, well then the question of character can be introduced and rightly so. Only time will tell with regards to that.

    Fact is: Kiffin inherited a UT program that had ranked 35th nationally in its previous recruiting class. He assembled one of the finest coaching staffs in all the NCAA and got us to the teens last year with only half a season left to work with.

    This year, depending on which publication you read, he had UT at either 6th or 7th in the nation recruiting-wise.

    Granted, that is probably blown to hell about now…but I guess one could say “better now than later.”

    Best for the program to forget about the past and look into the future asap. Muschamp, Calhoun, and Cutcliffe have all turned us down.

    Where do we turn to next?

    BTW RW, I agree with you. I hope Petrino rots in AR. Kiffin actually held a press conference and gave his ex-team a few kuddos…not much but I think its better than leaving the team a Dear-John letter hanging up in the locker room with games still left in the season.

  • Speaking as a guy who has watched multiple top ten recruiting classes come and go I just do not get all of that excited about 5 star recruits. It is lots of fun do go out and get the big boys but I have seen my share of walk-ons who turn out to be fine football players. So many 5 stars come in to the program with the size of their heads much larger than their playing ability. Sometimes some of them never figure out that college ain’t high school.

    But I do think that Kiffin will turn out to be a disaster at Southern California. Time will tell and I am glad that the PAC-10 has him and he is gone from the SEC.

    Carroll saw the writing on the wall and got the hell out of dodge. Remember when Carroll got so upset with Sanchez because Sanchez was going pro? Carroll said he was not ready for the NFL. Well guess who is the quarterback for the Jets right now. Carroll was trying to look out for Carroll. It is a good thing that Sanchez was looking out for Sanchez.

    Kiffin is a guy who can’t read the writing on the wall and walked right into a pile of shit that he will spend four years trying to get off of his shoes. He is a guy whose opinion of himself far outweighs his actual coaching abilities. And after he crashes and burns at Southern California he will be lucky to land a head coaching job anywhere.

    His reputation will precede him from now on. 0 for 3 won’t look very good on his resume.

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