Happy New Year. So far so good I guess.

I like the way it rolls off of your tongue. Instead of saying two thousand and whatever you just have to say twenty and whatever. It even looks better on paper.

I logged on this morning to see what was the first headline I would see in the new year of 2010.

The big question was whether or not Obama should cut his vacation short since that guy set his own dick on fire on the airplane. I would hate to see him have to come home due to something like that.

The other big item that jumped out at me was the listing of 7 conservative power players in 2010.  The only ones I had ever even heard of were #4 and #6 and that was because I had seen them referenced on Balloon-Juice. It will be interesting to see how much influence the conservative power players have in 2010. I figure the last decade was the decade of the conservatives. If they are going to continue to have influence I sure hope they tweak their philosophy a little bit.

I started to make a list of best and worst of 2009 and said to hell with it. I just decided to link to my favorite commercial. It cracks me up every time I see it.

Less than 90 minutes before kick-off. And I hope to spend the day in front of a television with a plate of collards and black-eyed peas and cornbread in my lap.

So Happy New Year everybody.  I sure hope 2010 is a good one.

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  • Your post has a nice URL in the address bar. Happy New Year! I wouldn’t count on conservatives to tweak their philosophy much in any kind of positive direction. Liberals or so-called “centrists” either.

    If nothing else, the last few months and years have shown me that once people cross a threshold where it can be said that they hold a political ideology, it’s pretty much a one-way street. After that, I expect only entrenchment of the ideology to deepen over time.

    It’s why I don’t let myself talk politics much any more… I don’t like what it tries to do to your brain.

    Anyhoo, Happy New Year & I hope the Dawgs do better than the Vols did.

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