The Perfect Ending

If it were up to me to write the last page this would be it.

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  • jadarm

    I know what you mean. I actually knew a couple like this myself once when I was younger. They were my next door neighbors and I grew up playing with their grandkids whenever they would come over.

    The husband, Ben, had actually driven a tank during WW1. The wife, Grace, had been a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother.

    They had been married all of their lives to each other and were very gentle people. They had quite a large family and loved all of them dearly but they were obviously each others soul mates.

    One night Ben took ill and was hospitalized. Grace, I am sure, realized what was going on and actually approached her family and said “I just dont know if I can live without him.” Her family assured me later that they understood what this meant.

    Ben passed away in the hospital that night, Grace went home and passed away a few hours later that morning.

  • I read not long ago about an elderly couple who decided to take the kids and go to Switzerland or Sweden or somewhere and take the final toast together where it was legal. The kids went along so they could say a final farewell.

    A lot of people have a problem with that but I don’t. I can understand it.

  • jadarm

    Yeah, I understand.

    When I first heard of what happened I was talking to my mother…when I found out what happened the first words out of my mouth was “Thats awesome!”

    She raised her motherly voice at me in a very sharp tone…”JOHN!”

    Then I realized what she was thinking and had to backtrack a little bit and tell her what I really thought.

    It’s real life Romeo and Juliet. I was a romantic back in the day and I could see and understand, even, perhaps, appreciate it.

    Good post Buck. I can definitely relate.

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