On the other hand

Maybe the Healthcare ummmm… readjustment… bill is less bad than I thought. I don’t know. I’m certainly not excited about it, in any case. I guess we’ll see if it becomes a third rail of politics or if it gets repealed next time the GOP gets a 51 vote majority. And then we still won’t really know, because American voters are no judge of reality. Maybe we can ask the dudes from Doctors without Borders.

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  • When you say 30 million Americans have no insurance is that the same thing as saying 270 million Americans do have insurance?

    It amazes me that HCR has gotten as far as it has gotten. And I have no idea how much it has really been reformed.

    I was pulling for the age 55 buy-in option but I guess I will just have to keep going with what I have.

  • jlue

    When you say:

    And then we still won’t really know, because American voters are no judge of reality.

    Please tell me who you think should be in charge of government.

    I agree that many voters do not even know the basics such as what each party represents, what it means to be liberal or conservative, the history of the USA and on and on.

    I stongly disagree that American voters are not good judges of reality. They are the best judges. When a person is unemployed, that reality hits home pretty hard. When a person is able to get medical care whether they are working or not and whether or not they have insurance, that is clearly understood. Living is a lesson in reality for most Americans. Those who have not entered the workforce and who have never been sick may not be able to judge reality, but most of them are children.

    Who better than the American citizen to know how legislation has affected them or is affecting them?

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