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Time is not on my side. The “free time” I bragged about a while back evaporated. So I apologize for being slow. I have started Chapter 2, but only have 300 words or so… not ready to publish yet. I may set a record for slowest writing ever. But it’s still coming. Discuss, if you like.

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  • The capture of George W Bush, a late convert to the cause of Communist World Government, was made possible only by the threatened release of footage filmed by a knight at Yale, showing the future president engaged in coitus with a Ford Mustang.

    I don’t know when I will stop laughing but I am sure eventually I will.

  • You guys are killin’ me!

  • RW

    Lastly and as a slight aside, why so little from the MSM? That one is easy. You need to have a decent analytical brain just to deal with the chain of events. You need to have a decent analytical brain, a mathematical/scientific mind and a good grasp of some very hard statistics to understand what is being done to massage the numbers and to see how significant it is to the chain of events.

    Slice your average environment correspondent through the middle and you’re going to find a left-leaning liberal arts graduate who is utterly out of his/her depth. Their world view is being swept from underneath them and they are being shown—in ways that they do not really and have never had to understand—that the guys they thought were the goodies are in fact “at it” and that those they have spent a decade disparaging as deniers were in fact spot on.

    I would find that hard to report too.

    [Note: the buzz words have changed from "the science is settled" to "peer reviewed"]

    There just doesn’t seem to be as much interest in covering this rather HUGE story as there has been in reporting on, say, Sarah Palin’s daughter’s ex-boyfriend, for example. Gee, I wonder why?

  • “peer review” is an old term referring to how papers are refereed before being published in a journal with a reputation to protect. It is one element of the process by which scientific questions become “settled” as it prevents a certain amount, but not all, of bad research from getting published.

  • I can only judge by the blogs… but I’ve seen mucho, mucho ink spilled on this from both sides. I’ve left some links in the eye boogers about it, but haven’t had time to really talk about it much. My opinion only: it’s only a “huge” story when magnified by whatever the climate-skeptic version of Politician Derangement Syndrome. But anyhoo…

  • RW

    I can only judge by the blogs… but I’ve seen mucho, mucho ink spilled on this from both sides.

    I’m talking about the vaunted fourth estate, which is continuing its penchant for having “a dog in the hunt”. This story, however it turns out, deserves more MSM coverage than what Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh said or who Tiger’s porking. The AP was sure quick to fact-check Sarah’s book, notsomuch to let its reader’s know the entire explosive story that’s going on right now. I don’t expect “hit jobs” (see Sarah Palin) but actually covering what has happened should be step one. When Jon Stewart beats Katie Couric to reporting this, there are problems.

  • RW

    My opinion only: it’s only a “huge” story when magnified by whatever the climate-skeptic version of Politician Derangement Syndrome.

    Maybe the stories have been written by journalists, it’s just that the scientists in question got their way & kept dissenting papers from being published. [/thwack!]

  • After finally catching up on what Rush said – you’re right – that’s not news. And Tiger’s infidelities should not be news. On the other hand, a bad actor at CRU – to the extent that he is – isn’t big news either.

    Maybe I’m being a little jaded because nothing right now to me is worth much of my precious attention – not even what would ordinarily be, which is Afghanistan.

  • Robert T. Nash

    A brief note to say if you talk like you write nobody listens…


  • jadarm

    Robert, you are a moron.

    I haven’t listened to you in quite a while…are you still hating on black people or has the station finally let you go?

  • Robert T. Nash

    Thanks for the query…These days I largely take aim at fuck ‘tards who are too lazy to do their own research…

    (I’ll explain the humour inherent in this post if you ask nicely AND say “Please”…)

  • jadarm

    Okay, I will say “please”

    So Robert, “PLEASE” tell me why your mother hated you as a child. (no explanation of inherent humor required)

    …is there anything I can do to help? I mean, honestly, I will do anything I can to help out a fellow Chattanooga’n that is in need.

    I know you have a weight problem, I know you drink excessively, I know you are a racist and, well living in the Brainard area I can see that might be a problem for you. I know you hate the police, …but they all love you. That is why your name is on every post-it note in the entire joint.

    …and speaking of joints….well, I wont even go there.

    I just want to know what happened in your life to cause you to turn out to be the most brash, unforgiving, racist, hypocritical, scum-sucking biggot that has ever graced the airwaves of my beloved 102.3.

    Let me know, I am always here for ya bro!

    …and btw, if you screw like you talk? Well hell, she is seeing someone else dude.


  • … And with all that said, I’m going to go ahead & close comments on this post. A little flame war here & there can be fun, but I’d rather not get hung up on that full time.

    Robert, … Please understand, this area isn’t really intended as a place for you to drop turds. The original comment thread on the post about the antisemitic remarks you made on the radio remains open. You are free, if you like, to defend yourself there. You are free to claim that your remarks were misunderstood, if you like. You’re free to comment there and apologize for those comments… that’s what a man would do. And, you’ve already taken your opportunity to drop turds there. I’ve been kind enough to let those stand.

    Anyone can leave a comment on this web-site. But so far you’ve not done much to contribute anything anyone is going to care to read. So I’ll tell you now – future comments from you will be screened. If there isn’t at least some evidence that you are making an effort to be topical or to contribute to a discussion, then I’ll delete them.