With batting and pitching, the follow-through is everything

I hope jadarm will forgive me for this post… It’s just that I have a thing about trying to remember to check predictions… What good are predictions that nobody ever checks? I don’t think jadarm did badly… and he offered plenty of qualifications for that 92 wins for the Braves quasi-prediction. He told me in private conversation that he would be tickled if the Braves got within 6 games of that – and they did!

Anyway, if I can get table formats to work on this thing, here’s the best summary I can give on jadarm’s predictions versus the end-of-the-season-minus-a-tie-breaker-or-two reality:

2009 finals Jadarm
American League
New York New York
Boston Boston
Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
Toronto Toronto
Baltimore Baltimore
Detroit Chicago
Minnesota Cleveland
Chicago Detroit
Cleveland Minnesota
Kansas City Kansas City
Los Angeles Los Angeles
Texas Texas
Seattle Oakland
Oakland Seattle
National League
Philadelphia Philadelphia
Florida Atlanta
Atlanta New York
New York Florida
Washington Washington
St Louis Chicago
Chicago St Louis
Milwaukee Milwaukee
Cincinnati Cincinnati
Houston Houston
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Los Angeles Los Angeles
Colorado Arizona
San Francisco Colorado
San Diego San Francisco

Not bad… perfect score on the American League East. Other folks left some predictions in the comments… I’ll leave it up to them to evaluate.

1 comment to With batting and pitching, the follow-through is everything

  • jadarm

    I’ll take it I guess. Still thought I might have been closer.

    I picked 16 our of 30 teams correctly in their respective divisions and out of the 14 that I missed only half of those was by more than one spot (ie; 2nd place team actually wound up in 4th)

    I will study harder during this offseason and will try to do better next year.


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