Update on the shooting of Jonathan Ayers

Following up on this post the district attorney in the case says it will be  another 3 to 4 weeks before the official investigation of the issue is done.

So I guess you can figure two months after the shooting before the official  investigation is finished. There are still a few weeks to wait but I am pretty sure I know how it is going to read before they release it.

Of course the local community is split with one side blaming the preacher and the other questioning the competence of the law enforcement officers and this has gone on now for six weeks.  

In my mind this is the most open and shut case of police incompetence that there could possibly be but it falls under the catergory of “ain’t it amazing how two people can look at the same thing and see something totally different”? 

I went with my wife and my mother-in-law to the prayer vigil they had at the courthouse. I guess there were about 50 folks there. Maybe a few more, maybe a few less. There were a few signs held up and the folks sang a couple of hymns. There were a couple of old style Pentecostal women there who really stood out to me. They both spoke and were insistent that no matter if the price you paid was being gunned down by law enforcement officers the instructions were still to go out and minister to the lost. I appreciated their zeal but I won’t be picking up any hitchhikers around town.

The prayer vigil coincided with our communities annual Currahee Military Weekend where folks come to celebrate the last war the United States had a part in winning 65 years ago.

It felt weird being part of a prayer vigil in the midst of the celebration of war. It seems like I would be used to that feeling by now. Maybe you never get used to it.

My money is on the report stating that the Reverend Ayers failed to obey police officers and used his car as a weapon. And that will be that. The officer who shot him will be put back out on the street to save the community from low level street criminals even if it means sometimes innocent folks get caught in the crossfire.

And I believe that will be fine with the majority of folks who live in my community.

Soldiers and police officers can’t ever be wrong.

3 comments to Update on the shooting of Jonathan Ayers

  • I don’t know what to say about this. It’s easy for me to be hard on the PD, but I don’t want to be too hard on the shooter without knowing all the facts. As people have said over & over again, their rules of engagement – at least as it was carried out – were practically designed to make this happen. But, in the same place, same set of screwed up events, I can imagine myself taking the shot…. if nothing else just out of panic. That doesn’t excuse it, and it sure doesn’t excuse the approach that led to it. But as far as I know civil juries are the only ones (if any) that get to have a say in whether the ROE are justifiable or not. Legislatures, as far as I know, don’t care to touch it. It’s a crazy world. I hope things heal up over there & nobody else has to experience anything like this any time soon.

  • ben

    Buck,I`m thinking if some one had killed a cop and they had a vigil,would you have went?

  • Probably not Ben. It would have been too hard to find a parking space.

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