TeeVee allows me to watch television shows. There are several I enjoy, of varying quality. One of the ones I enjoy the most is Lie to Me (which I’ve mentioned before). The premise is neat. I especially enjoyed the first couple of episodes in season one, because they made a big point of showing the “signals” and showing examples ripped from the news. I guess with a small variety of signals to work with, they couldn’t keep that schtick going for forever. But it’s still a nice show, and the most recent episode was gripping if you could manage to suspend disbelief. Which wasn’t entirely easy – it’s pretty obvious this couldn’t have happened in real life. Thankfully, I have a pretty good facility for fantasy, so I got a big kick out of it.

Others I’ve been watching:
Defying Gravity… Only they kind of put it in limbo. Not “canceled” – just not running. They say they are looking for a new time slot. Probably canceled. Baseball, astronauts, some kind of preternatural superintelligent agent nobody is allowed to know about, and soap opera drama. Not a bad combo.

Bones. Actually, that’s my wife’s favorite. But it is pretty good. Silly, but the lady scientist who is like a caricature of a Vulcan is fun.

Dollhouse. I don’t know why. It’s actually pretty lousy. But I can watch just about anything. Joss Whedon just needs to sell candy bars or something to raise money to restart Firefly, and put it on the Firefly network.

FlashForward. So far, it’s keeping me interested. The premise is that everyone in the world blacks out simultaneously and sees what appears to be a vision of the future. The protagonist sees himself solving the “crime” that has caused this and being hunted by bad guys. He uses the clues he saw in his flash forward to work it out. And other stuff. Neat idea… execution is spotty.

And I wish Kings wasn’t canceled. That stinks.

Ummmmm… I guess that’s about it. Everyone who desperately wanted to know what I enjoy watching on television can now breathe easy.

Update: I almost forgot. Heroes seems pretty cool.

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  • RW

    Heroes peaked in Season one. This year, it’s circling the drain. They’re using far too much time focusing on the deaf chick who can see sounds (we get it, no need to show the same scene umpteen times) and the cheerleader’s foray into college. They have an almost endless supply of material to work with & they’re instead droning on and on about the mundane aspects. You can REALLY tell that they fired their head writer last year (due to falling ratings). They’re stretching scenes. It’s not like one of the CSI’s, where I can simply fast-forward when the music starts & I can bypass the time-filler-lab-work, though.

    Best sitcom this year, hands down: the middle, Patty Heaton’s new show. Kelsey Grammar is carrying his dog of a show as far as he can, but he, sadly, cannot write the episodes. Seriously, check out “the middle”. Funny stuff that hits home.

    I’ll have to check out Modern Family. Too many people have told me it’s good.

    Thanks for the comment preview!

  • Modern Family – I hope it’s on Hulu. Sounds like it’s worth checking out.

    Heroes – I missed every season up to the current. I finally tuned it in… I like it. I was put off by dragging out the deaf lady’s powers, too… but I’ve enjoyed the rest. I like the comic book feel it has, and I love Hiro. He’s fantastic… what an actor.

    I can’t believe Kelsey Grammar let himself become involved with that horrible project. What was he thinking?

    And comment preview has been installed for quite a while now… I don’t know why it decided to start working (or I decided to notice it was working) just in the last couple of weeks. Maybe it was broken and an update fixed it.

  • RW

    Check out season one of Heroes. It’s one of the best seasons of anything I’ve ever seen. Non-stop suspense, intrigue and action, which is why I’m so disappointed with this season. Hiro is even better in season 1, as well [super plus for you, the actor is a lib!!!] :)

    Apparently, my family is the last to watch NCIS. We started with S1E1 two weeks ago and all agree that it’s great, so we’re slowly playing catch up. We can use the time we’d set aside for Monk to use on NCIS, I figure, once that phenomenal character solves his last case.

  • Totally hate Dollhouse. Not sure how that managed to make it to a 2nd seasosn.

    Modern Family is good. Ed O neil cracks me up.

    Defying Gravity…they’d better not cancel it…I want to see what the alien/intelligence/unnamed thing looks like!

  • Evan Foster

    i think NCIS is much better than CSI because they solve much harder cases..’~

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