Separation of church and football

Praising the Lord will get you a 15 yard penalty. Chris Johnson is just going to have to pray standing up.

I really didn’t mind the implementation of the excessive celebration penalty so much until the officials started abusing it.  Making a cheap ass call like that towards the end of what was a hell of a ball game was uncalled for. I appreciate the fact that even the league officials have admitted that much.

I don’t have a problem with a rule against taunting players or fans or otherwise acting like a complete jack ass when you score or make a tackle.

I do not want all of the emotion taken out of the game. And I do want the call to at least be applied consistently.

And I guess that is the hardest part. A rule is fine until it is you who gets screwed by the rule.

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  • jadarm

    I personally couldnt distinguish where Chris Johnson was actually pointing to God. Mostly, in my experience, when someone points to the Almighty they just point straight up…but it didnt exactly look unsportsmanlike to me anyhow. I wondered how the ref would have acted had he been playing in Oakland long and actually caught a good break during the course of a real game.

    I do, however, want to see the self promotion reigned in a bit. I honestly dont think I could stomach an entire league of Chad Johnson’s running around. I would probably rather turn the channel to ESPN 13 and watch the annual “Amish Midwestern Womens Facial Hair-growth Championship”…live!

  • I personally hate all of that square dancing and head bobbing they do after some of the most meaningless and mundane plays.

    I always liked the guys who scored a touchdown and then just handed the ball to the referee like it was no big deal.

    Nowadays a three yard run for a first down can trigger body gyrations the likes of which you have never seen except at a Benny Hinn healing service.

    It is sickening no doubt. But there are instances where the officials take their calls a little bit to the extreme. What they let pass and what they call never ceases to amaze me.

  • chalicechick

    Don’t know if you saw this but it is relevant to an earlier post.

  • CC – thanks for the update. Color me depressed.

  • Oh, yeah.. and frankly… I never trust an athlete when he says he’s praising the Lord. Not that these are the same guys that go back to the locker room and juice, then go to the hotel and blow, then go to the back room with two or three groupies… More that athletes on TeeVee are generally narcissists and care only about praise for them own selves.

    More to the point, if an athlete in the U.S. and an athlete in China are simultaneously pointing “up” to indicate God, one of them has to be pointing to the devil.

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