Meat Hand

I would love to uncover this dish at Mama’s on Sunday.

It is almost too beautiful to eat.

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  • jadarm

    Nicest hand job I have ever seen Buck. I can imagine, other….shapes too!

  • Charlie Talbert

    This video might make the gruesomeness seem even more fun.

  • I’m really going to have to go shopping for ingredients for this. Happy Halloween!

  • jadarm

    Charlie Charlie Charlie…

    I don’t normally get too pissy on this blog, I am just a guest here…but you caught me on the wrong day!

    You know, sir, I am thinking that you might be one of those guys who pulls up in traffic and has no compassion for anyone else around you who is suffering in the same traffic jam that you are in. Why? Because they don’t know your name?

    I am also thinking that you might be one of those guys who thinks that we should shutdown all fast food places and un-employ thousands upon thousands of people just because cow-farts are causing global warming.

    Is a corn stalk alive? Is a tomato plant alive? Well, if it is then why the hell would you kill it? I mean, it ain’t done nothing to you has it? I mean, Its just sitting out there in the field, minding its own frigging business, …then YOU come along and get hungry and decide to start chopping things off of it, …man…that must be painful, dontcha think? But it doesn’t have eyes or anything else that can look back at you…so you FEEL better about it don’t you?

    Let me put it this way, say you are walking through the woods, …your buddies have obviously listened to so much of your shit that they are tired of you…so they strand you in the woods. So now, you are lost. You eventually run out of food…because you wont eat fish…yeah, they have eyes too, …and you wont trap animals, …because, yeah, they have eyes too.

    So you get hungry and die.

    So then what happens? All the birds and fowl that you were trying to protect? Well, they eat you and go “Mmm, that’s some good stuff!”

    Then the rest of whats left of you washes out off of the bank and into the river and the lil fish start eating that too.

    Then whatever is left of you?

    Well all that happens after that is you turn to dust and begin fertilizing the ground with your remains, …so now even the corn-stalks and the tomato plants are eating you!

    Sure the film is grotesque…but its a fact of life. What the real problem is….well, its that people are starving, and you want to cut off more of their food supply or, indirectly, raise prices so that YOU can feel better because you don’t have to SEE it!

    This video had nothing whatsoever to do with this post. If you don’t want to eat meat, FINE! But don’t start trying to mess with peoples emotions and dragging them through the mud just so YOU can sleep easier at night.

    …and I’ll bet dollars to peso’s…that your whiny little ass will eat a hamburger before your time is up.

  • Charlie – thanks for the reminder about the senseless cruelty that goes into the American factory farm meat production system. I’m afraid I still haven’t taken on the responsibility of eating ethically, but every time you post something like that I’m reminded that I am involved in a set of practices that is ethically indefensible. What defense I have for not yet holding myself to the standards I should, I’ll keep private. I hope that I and others hearing your message will be brought to a place where we can and do behave better on that score.

  • jadarm

    Charlie, sorry about the “whiny ass” remark. I do apologize.

    I’m an idiot sometimes.

  • Well one thing is for sure. If I ever make the meat hand I will be damn sure the meat came from a cow that had a name and was well loved by those who knew her.

    That is some awful, awful shit Charlie.

    The weird thing is that I cannot hunt because I cannot stand to shoot and kill anything.

    When I fish I throw the fish back. I can’t stand to watch them gasp for air when you take them out of the water.

    But I could put away a family sized pork roast or a school of crappie all by myself.

    There is something about it already being dead that makes me think what the hell. I’ll just eat it.

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