Font bleg

For my project, I need an easy way (without modifying site CSS, please!) to create a special script – cursive or small-font – to produce a section of correspondence or journal entry. The text should make clear what it’s purpose is, but the visual cue would be a necessary indicator. I tried <font-variant=”small-caps”></font> and tried <style=”font-variant: small-caps”></style>, but no luck either route.

Lucida handwriting is a good font for this, but I don’t believe that most browsers support it.

Any thoughts?

3 comments to Font bleg

  • Try this:

    BIG little BIG again

    … just in case the above renders …

    BIG <span style=”font-variant: small-caps; font-size=10px;”&gtlittle&lt/span&gt BIG again

    – Jerry

  • That MOSTLY rendered… NOT

    Try this:

    BIG <span style=”font-variant: small-caps; font-size=10px;”>little</span> BIG again

    – Jerry

  • Thanks, J! I see where I was making a mistake… but now I think I’ve decided to go the CSS route so I can re-use it later down the road. Now, darts at your house?

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