Congratulations Volunteers

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know it is Tuesday and ya’ll kicked our asses on Saturday and that this is a little bit late but folks it has been a hard pill to swallow.

Not the fact that you beat us. It is the humiliating way we were beaten.

I was not surprised by the loss. Up until game time I was loud and insistent that if Crompton played well we would lose.  Tennessee does not have a bad football team and up until Saturday Crompton was the only real weak link in the chain.

But I had seen our defensive secondary play before. I had seen on countless occasions receivers running in spaces so wide open that a Georgia defender could not be spotted in a wide angle shot on a 50″ television screen.

I had already seen an offensive line so inept that it defies explanation. When five different running backs cannot find holes to run through it means that there are no holes to run through.

I had already seen special teams play so horrid that it would bring tears to your eyes. I have seen one of the best place kickers in the SEC reduced to almost nothing by coaches who insist on directional kicking and then blame the kicker when the coverage sucks.

In short I have seen the complete and total collapse of the Bulldog nation. For the first time in my life I have seen football players at the University of Georgia actually go out on the field and have no idea what their assignments and responsibilites were and when they were lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time still not be able to execute.

It is depressing. It is discouraging. It is the agony of defeat. But congratulations Volunteers and a special congratulations to Jonathan Crompton. He put it to our ass.

The best blog post I have seen concerning the game. I love Hey Jenny Slater.

See ya’ll next year in Athens.

5 comments to Congratulations Volunteers

  • jadarm

    I was honestly surprised. I heard that Vegas was giving the Dawgs 11 points the Sunday evening prior to the game. I thought that was ridiculous…shows what I know I guess.

    I am hearing rumors of Richts demise at GA. I think its too early to be talking smack like that.

  • Thanks for being gracious Buck… And thanks for letting us have a win… We needed it badly. Crompton is the butt of many jokes, and honestly… I can’t see why he wouldn’t be. But he had a good day Saturday. I only had one eye on the game since I was here at work, but I did take a moment to say a prayer for your blood pressure. Well, not exactly… but I figured you were having a rough day & I felt bad about it. Don’t worry – there will be more winning seasons for both of us. They don’t call us SEC for nothing.

  • Crompton has been the butt of many jokes and I have given him my share of hell. But I knew coming out of high school that he was a talented athlete. I hated losing but I could not help but feel damn proud for Crompton. He deserved a moment in the sun. SEC player of the week. Just like a degree, can’t nobody ever take that from him. And I really believe that Georgia is not the only SEC win Tennessee is going to get this year. They are not a bad team fellers. Not a bad team at all.

    And yeah Jadarm. The Bulldog Nation is in shambles. The blogs are ugly. Extremely ugly. Most posters want all coaches fired and to play only the freshmen and sophomores. Get ready for next year is the rallying cry. All emotion and no reason.

    And LSU was a serious threat to the blood pressure. The Tennessee game was pretty much over by halftime even though the score was fairly close. I could tell it was going to get worse instead of better. I never got upset. When Crompton hit his first three passes I knew the shit storm was upon us.

    By halftime my earworm was screaming, “the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. We don’t need no water…” You know the rest.

    On to Nashville I guess.

  • ben

    Crompton may have been the butt of jokes but Richt tried his best to get him to come to the way Ga, defenders defend is to not get closer than 5 a receiver would make any body look good,but the program at Ga. has gotten stagnant,so expect the unexpected.

  • I thought I remembered calling this one

    If Kiffin had left Crompton in the game he may have set a new record if he had continued playing throw and catch.

    Yeah Ben. I was reading over on David Hale’s blog an interview with Joe Cox about Willie Martinez and Joe said that he didn’t understand what the problem was. Willie was doing what he had always done.

    Hale said that that was the problem. Willie is doing what Willie has always done and is getting his ass toasted regularly because of it.

    I am going to hope for the unexpected because the unexpected at this point is competent football.

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