Can’t blame that on JC

I’ll have to give Crompton his props. He played a helluva game. If we’d had him in this shape from game one, we’d be making a season of it. Congrats to Saban & company for a game well played and won when it counted. And Congrats to our boys for making it a magnificent contest.

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  • If the kicker could have gotten the ball a little more altitude on take-off Tennessee could have shocked the nation.

    I was a little confused on how a 350 pound lineman could block two field goals until I realized how tall that 350 pound lineman was. He is a monster.

    I was at a wedding reception during the game and was relying on phone text updates. I did not see the game until about 2:00 AM on Sunday.

    Ya’ll did good. I know moral victories aren’t worth anything but the Volunteer program is definitely on the upswing.

    I only hope Georgia has hit the bottom and will start back up this weekend.

    Quit laughing.

  • jadarm

    Yup, the AL lineman also took his helmet off while the ball was still in play, technically, it should have been a 15 yard penalty with a re-kick.

    An SEC “associate” said that the time had already run out so there was no reason for the penalty. BS.

    But, the truth is, our special teams has stunk the joint up all season long, there is no reason to believe that we would have made the field goal from 29 yards out either.

    Still, to go into AL and play our second #1 ranked team this season, and come out only down by 2?

    I’ll take that!

    Should have won it though.

  • Yup, the AL lineman also took his helmet off while the ball was still in play, technically, it should have been a 15 yard penalty with a re-kick.

    I thought the same thing when I watched the replay. When he took his helmet off and threw it into the air I thought it was going to be a penalty for sure.

    But this year a simple chest bump at UGA will get our guys a 15 yard penalty.

    SEC officiating sucks ass. And it has for years. And finally it is starting to get some national attention. Not that that will change anything. Some crew might get the weekend off but that will be it.

    It is a disgrace.

  • I’m just glad we aren’t dead yet.

  • jadarm

    First, we gotta beat Spurrier, then we need to worry about Ole Miss and Kentucky…neither of which are going to be easy.

    I was just reading an article about how we might could run on Spurrier…I wouldn’t expect a great statistical game out of Crompton though. SC has a good secondary.

    There is no question though, we have to win out!

    …and I honestly thought we were capable of a 9 win season this year.

  • At Ole Miss and at Kentucky makes it tough.

    Playing Spurrier in Knoxville is a good sign. I want to see ya’ll make him squirm.

  • jadarm

    I think Kiffin know’s just who he is “compared” to…everyone thinks Kiffin is just good for another quote.

    Having said that, I honestly believe that Kiffin will do everything he can to walk all over Spurrier.

    We shall c.

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