Social Network Live

Very good garage band, needs home. House trained, mostly. Good with children.

If you know a Chattanooga venue that needs some fantastic guest musicians, get in touch with Social Network Live … 5 guys with a bucket load of talent. Jadarm is lead guitar. A close relative of his and friend of mine is on rhythm. The percussionist is a great guy himself, and also a friend. And the bassist. I don’t know the lead singer, but people I know do. You can catch them some nights at Comedy Catch / Giggles Grill (I understand Jadarm & Gene have an on-going acoustic gig there as “Milk Money”), but they really need some space to plug in and bring out the big guns. So if you know a place, drop ‘em a line. And if you hear of them playing out, go see them. It’s a treat.

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  • jadarm


    Howbout the Junkyard Mafia?


  • Thanks a bunch Jerry! Loved having you and your group out last weekend. We love playing to an enthusiastic crowd, and that was surely the case. Got a cool gig coming up on Oct 24th at the Comedy Catch & Giggles Grill, its going to be a Costume Halloween Party and Big Daddy Bam Bam Comedy Showcase. Not sure on the ticket price but will let you know. Love ya brother-man!!

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