Run, Bob, Run

I agree with Dan… Bob Corker won’t run in 2012. I don’t know if he should or not. It will be apparent by the end of 2010 whether ambitious and talented Republicans should enter the race or bide their time until 2016. That all depends on where Obama is at that point. If he’s riding high then patting the foot and waiting is probably the best option. If he’s vulnerable, then it’s time to clear the field for the serious contenders.

I think Bob will be a serious contender – more so in ’16 than ’12. He’s smart, has ‘vision’, has his own money, and a pleasant personality. Bonus points for having a real and pleasant southern accent. Frankly, I dislike him and Sen. Alexander a lot less than I do most Republicans – especially those from the crazy belt, the white girl ad from the Ford race notwithstanding.

In fact, if Bob should rise above and lead his own party instead of being a slave to Rush, the neocons, WND, Heritage, CATO and Jerry Falwell… I might trust him to run the country. If he doesn’t get beaten down by them, I get the vibe from him that – like Gore and like the pre-steamrollered Obama – he is willing to work toward a positive outcome for all concerned parties, with whatever good-faith comers will work with him. I get the impression that he is willing to go outside party ideology if needed to solve a problem or create an opportunity. I don’t fear recklessness from him or perceive any existential threat to our nation or its values. And my pride would enjoy the story of small-town Chattanooga Mayor turned leader of the free world. Anyway – that’s a lot of caveats, and if there is a decent Democrat running against him, I probably won’t vote for him in any case… but there you go.

But 2012 is probably not his shot. Assuming there isn’t a GOP incumbent in 2016 – that’s when he can and should make his move.

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  • I hope you are speaking of Jerry Falwell Jr. here. Senior has been dead for awhile and I am not sure junior has the taste for politics his dad had. Should not give Corker any problems.

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