Rick Sanchez

In case you missed it…

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  • jadarm

    Well hell, at least he didnt get all pissy about it.

  • RW

    Keith Olbermann wannabe.

  • who are you kidding? Sanchez is way more effective than KO. And substantially less classless… Yeah, he’s fake… but at least you can tell he feels fake about it. He also has some part of a remaining brain.

  • I think it is natural for folks who only watch FOX to believe that no other news organization in the world is doing or covering anything.

    How in the world are they supposed to know who is doing what when their dial is stuck on FOX?

    The goofiest thing in the world is to expect to get a fair and balanced assessment of anything when you have exactly ONE source of information. And most of these guys will proudly admit that they have one and only one source of information.

    Just last week I heard a representative from South Carolina being interviewed on the radio say that over one and half million people marched on Washington but you would have never known it because the mainstream media didn’t cover it.

    She had to get on the radio to let folks know that it had happened.

    What a pile of crap.

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