I honestly don’t remember if I got to watch Reagan’s 1988 address to us kiddies. I certainly don’t remember being kept home from school to avoid being indoctrinated. Nor do I remember school officials posturing over it. But, we may not have had CSPAN, or whatever.

By the time Bush I decided to address the wee ones, I was no longer counted among their number. But I don’t remember much outrage.

And when the craziness started about Obama’s plan to follow suit, I ignored it because I only read about it on liberal blogs. So, I assumed that the liberals were blowing out of proportion some below-the-threshold of the nirthers craziness and trying to tar movement conservatism with craziness that they didn’t own.

In the last, say, 24 hours though… it seems to have blown up and spread to some Tennessee school officials who now plan to nix showing of it in order to keep large swaths of children from being kept home from school by teabagging parents.

So… I’m scratching my head. Just how far is Obama Derangement Syndrome going to go? And why? I can understand disagreeing with some things that he has done – but even if you disagree with them most of them have been extremely mild deviations from the status quo – the most radical departure coming if it does in the form of making insurance companies provide the product they sell. Sure the idiocy with deserves all manner of derision – but hell – it ain’t warrantless wiretapping.

I’m trying to stay aloof from the viewpoint that it is racism that explains the craziness. 1) I know people who are equally crazy but who certainly aren’t racist, and 2) I don’t want to assume the worst without evidence. But, honestly… what is the source of this stuff?

Update: Reading publius, it occurs to me that the reason is that the leadership of the left is wussish and unwilling to create the right narrative by showing backbone. Jibes with what I know about elected Democrats. So, I ask you – has the angry right gone too far?
Answer: Yeaaaaaaaaagggghhhh!

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  • RW

    It started because the initial wave included tips for teachers to have their kids write letters to the president, asking what they could do FOR HIM. It was so unspinnable that they removed it from the website. From there, it started to take a life of its own, but that was the genesis.

    Same with most things that have gone badly for the young & inexperienced president, he bungles it from the get-go, immediately tries to change & then his supporters pretend that it never happened & then blame people for being unkempt about ‘nothing’.

    It appears that this is the outrage-du-jour amongst the left, today, in hopes of keeping Van Jones in the background. Conspiracy theory mockery is sooooooo August. :)

  • Ask NOT what you can do for your country!

    Van Jones is an embarrassment. If he were in a sensitive job, I would be calling for his head. I figure if you are going to get anyone decent for green jobs in the green jobs position, you’ll probably find some whackiness – if not whacky weed – in their closet.

  • Just like I always tell the 9 out of 10 folks around me on a daily basis that are Republicans

    Your other choice the last election was an old man and a beauty queen.

    Man they hate me here :-)

    Have an ass kickin’ Labor Day weekend. Football tomorrow! Get after their asses Dawgs!


  • RW

    The old man & beauty queen lost to the teleprompter reader and Dan Quayle v2.0.

    I denounce my racism.

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