Hang on Jonathan Crompton

I know you guys are sick of Crompton but if he can hang on to the starting job until Tennessee plays Georgia he will have a chance at setting a new Tennessee passing record for yards in a game.

The Georgia defense is Grade AAA suck.

I asked my brother before the game if he thought Arkansas would pass for 500 yards on us. He got all pissed off and said no.

I think they wound up with 408 passing yards so he was correct. But if the Arkansas quarterback had not missed some wide open receivers and his guys had not dropped a few very catchable passes then they would have gotten the 500 yards plus a few more.

I have never seen a more clueless defense in my life. There were times when the secondary actually looked like they had no idea what to do or where they should be. There were times when the receivers literally had no defenders within 10 yards of them.

I sure hope the offense can continue to put 50+ points on the board because there are upcoming games where 50+ is not going to be enough.

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