Another search is on for a supposed bipedal ape in Indonesia. The science geek in me hopes that it is found this time. The little guy who sits on my left shoulder and reminds me not to have road rage hopes that it isn’t… or at least if it is, specimens aren’t brought into long-term captivity and mistreated in other ways.

Disclaimer: what follows is my pretty uneducated opinion… but I think it’s right.

Chances are reasonably slim that it even exists, or will be found if it does. But good on ‘em for trying. If found, it will likely turn out to be as dull as a species or sub-species of another extant ape. If so, and if claims of it’s bipedality are true, it may give scientists more information to untangle how bipedality arose in our own ancestors. Most exciting (and most unlikely) is the possibility that it is a closer relative of ours than the chimpanzee. This would truly be astonishing, and isn’t entirely impossible. Another interesting possibility is that it is a heretofore unknown genus of ape.

So, anyway… nothing much to add. My brain has been kind of empty lately, so I’m just looking for interesting news to comment on while I’m tired of harping on all the same old tired political stories. Raise your hand, who wants to hear my dream about chumming it up with George W. Bush? Takers?

Update: Richard Freeman is not a zoologist, but a “cryptozoologist” who is associated with the “Centre for Fortean Zoology”. Translation – don’t expect much reality-based research from them. It’s usually safe to assume that if the subject hasn’t drawn the attention of more zoologists than the ones who you can hear on Art Bell, then there probably isn’t much there there. Sorry for the false lead!

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