Sloppy Thinking

As promised, not a criticism of the right… And, not my own. Just an illustration of the kind of thinking that leads one down a dead-end alley and holds one there permanently. Illustrated beautifully in the words of James McGrath.

In brief:

(1) Both show a lack of familiarity with the basic data in a field, yet criticize the conclusions of academics in that field.

(2) They blame the fact that they aren’t taken seriously on a conspiracy among scholars rather than their own ignorance of the relevant scientific or historical methods and of the relevant raw data.

(3) They quote people without the relevant qualifications but whose websites they have read, while not reading mainstream scholarship (or at least, if they read it, they either misunderstand it or are so shaped by their preconceived notions that they are impervious to its influence).

(4) They are apologists for their viewpoint, and are interested in defending it at all costs, not in seeing where the evidence leads once one is familiar with it and has studied it critically.

Included is this request for feedback: “Do you see other resemblances? Are there important dissimilarities?”… Go tell if you think you have something to add.

This would have been a link with your eye boogers, but I hoped to catch a couple of extra eyes with it.

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