Of Alternatives in a Binary World

Without a 2-party system, I wouldn’t be getting e-mails from Don Wildmon’s org telling me this:

• Send an e-mail to AARP letting them know you don’t agree. If you are a member, consider what others are doing – cancel your membership. AARP is clearly using membership dues to help push ObamaCare.

• Forward this information to others so they can see how AARP is spending their dues in promoting ObamaCare.

• American Seniors Association (ASA) is an alternative we suggest you check out. AFA does not officially endorse ASA, but simply offers it as a conservative alternative to AARPBy the way, ASA is offering any senior that sends in a torn AARP card a special deal that provides them with a two-year membership for the price of one year. [bold is mine -smijer]

Seriously? A “conservative” alternative to the AARP? And next we’ll see the conservative alternative to the Reader’s Digest Book Club.

2 comments to Of Alternatives in a Binary World

  • I suppose Limbaugh is a liberal to some and also think when you are on the ultra-right after awhile you have more in common with the extreme left than with anyone else.

  • This explains the most recent attack on the AARP by a local guy who writes constant 2,000 word letters to the editor of our paper.

    He was wailing about the fact that AARP was pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage and pro-Obamacare.

    He also said that Obama had done more damage to foreign and domestic policy in 6 months than FDR did in 12 years.

    Sometimes it is much smarter to throw the mail away than it is to read it.

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