Is there anything in this bill that can maybe keep me from dying?

That was the line that cracked me up… via Cole, who deserves an Amen and Hallelujah chorus for his assessment that this is how you do things in civil society (my words, his thoughts).

Virginia-5 – my hat is off to you.

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  • No problem at all with that back and forth. It is as it should be. Nothing Un-American about it.

    The guys that look to me to be old enough to be on Medicare are still a little shrill with the finger pointing and bluster but I have come to expect that from those who have no problems with the system that they have access to. What would be interesting to see is just how much chest beating and finger pointing would be going on if they suddenly were taken off of their evil, slavery inducing socialized medicine.

    And your link did not take me to Cole. Either the link is wrong or I am missing something.

  • And your link did not take me to Cole.

    That’s what you get on a WP blog when you use “v” instead of “Ctrl-v” inside the anchor tag.

    Hey, what is this country about if it isn’t shrill finger pointing and bluster? The point is they lined up to do it in their turn… Didn’t try to derail the whole process or create a situation where the whole townhall was just about them and their own agenda and no one else had a chance.

  • RW

    Because that is un-American.

  • Do you think it is “American” to try to suppress the other side’s speech? I don’t know – I was brought up to think it kind of wasn’t.

    I’m not defending Pelosi… she’s a big dog politician and it isn’t her place to criticize the (legal) actions of ordinary joes… But that doesn’t mean shutting down the town hall to keep the other side from having their say is not an “un-American” thing to do.

    I didn’t defend Obama for saying that Crowley “acted stupidly” in arresting someone for attitude. He was wrong to do that. But that doesn’t make it smart or right to haul someone to the precinct for bad-mouthing you.

  • RW

    Do you think it is “American” to try to suppress the other side’s speech?

    I think it’s rude, counter-productive, obnoxious, something I wouldn’t want my kids to do, boorish and appeals to our worst instincts. It’s got nothing to do with being “American”, though. If it did, then most students at universities who are act rude, counter-productive, obnoxious, do something I wouldn’t want my kids to do, are boorish and appeal to their worst instincts when they shout down Ann Coulter or the Minutemen when the visit campus to speak would be un-American.

    There are about 40 years worth of video of various anti-war demonstrations, union marches & student protests that have chants & displays of attempts to suppress the other side’s speech. Try as I might, sometimes, I can’t turn off my long-term memory cells, and for the life of me I seem to remember that the best job that our current leader had before getting into politics was that of……community organizer.

    Being an A-hole, which is what the worst examples that I’ve seen can be described as being, doesn’t make one un-American. Heck, being a union thug & beating up a black conservative in hopes of shutting him up doesn’t make one un-American (neither does being a union thug & intimidating people into conforming, btw)…it makes them criminals.

    The Rosenbergs were un-American. People engaged in treason are un-American.

    Let’s keep things in perspective. (BTW, the people who keep trying to get Bill O’Reilly & Limbaugh removed from the airwaves? They’re trying to suppress their speech. The folks who called for Don Imus to be fired – hello, Mr. Obama? Tried to suppress speech).

  • I believe in common courtesy. I don’t know if that is American or Un-American.

    And Crowley did act stupidly. So did the professor. That situation was just an instance of two adults turning into two fourth graders.

  • I don’t think any of that makes one an un-American… but I do agree with the statement that it is an un-American thing to do silence dissent. that includes strong-arm tactics/legislative efforts to remove insipid forms of speech from the air (doesn’t include boycotts and letter-writing campaigns – that’s the American way to do it)…

    But most of us do a few un-American things in our time on this planet. Only a few of us are un-American Americans.

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