I don’t endorse this non-eulogy.

But I respect its candor. And, I think we’d all do well to remember that, “death is not an accomplishment, it’s an event.”

Those who remember Kennedy fondly will remember him for his living accomplishments, or for their relationship with him. This is as it should be.

12 comments to I don’t endorse this non-eulogy.

  • In light of all the U*U bloggers falling all over themselves to eulogize Edward Kennedy perhaps you should have titled this blog post ‘And Now For Something Completely Different’. . .

  • He should learn to just let go- it’s all water under the bridge now.

  • Anytime the right grumbles about the left exploiting a death I just remember the Reagan funeral.

    And death is one of those times when if you have nothing good to say you should just say nothing at all.

  • RW

    Anytime the right grumbles about the left exploiting a death I just remember the Reagan funeral.

    What do you remember?
    The only person who interjected politics into his funeral was his liberal son, Ron, who felt the need to take a swipe at evangelicals during his eulogy. Of course, stuff like that will get you gigs on MSNBC & Air America.

  • Are you trying to be funny Joel?

    Because I am not sure that you are succeeding if you are. . .

  • I have this to say about funerals and the Irish. I wish we all did it their way.

  • What do you remember?

    It was a full fledged apotheosis. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Hell, that is what funerals are for and I get a kick out of one side accusing the other of doing what both sides do.

  • RW

    It is the norm to praise those who have passed, no matter what the context is. In politics, it’s no different. In recent history, one side tends to politicize memorial services*, which is why I queried about Reagan’s, where no such thing took place.

    * See: Wellstone, Paul and King, Coretta Scott

  • It is hard to bury a politician without it being political.

  • RW

    Funny how it wasn’t a problem with Nixon, Reagan, Ford….hardly any of ‘em. Interesting how they seem to, instead, focus on the MAN/WOMAN instead of politics. There are, of course, agreeable exceptions (MLK was ‘about’ civil rights, so that would be obvious) that stand out….I assume Lincoln’s funeral would’ve included overtures about the civil war & abolitionism. Not to say it should be verboten, but politickin’ itself is too often found in some circles in areas where politics should be an aside.

    There was no notable politickin’ at the funerals of the Presidents mentioned above.

    Let me put it this way: Anyone want to take bets on whether or not the Kennedy funeral becomes a modern day pep rally for health care?

  • Maybe you don’t think it’s funny, Robin- though considering your sense of humor, I consider that a compliment- but Kennedy himself would have thought it was.

  • RW

    “…that every American will have decent, quality healthcare as a fundamental right and not a privilege, we pray to the Lord.”

    Good thing no one took me up on the offer of a bet (but, of course, it’d be hard to find someone who didn’t see that one coming….although, not from a little kid).

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