File under “Acted Stupidly”

Attacking mom in front of kids. IOIYWB (It’s ok if you wear blue).

4 comments to File under “Acted Stupidly”

  • I can’t watch a video like that. It raises my blood pressure too much. My wife had the TV on this morning and I saw the last few seconds of a clip with about 12 cops beating the hell out of some guy (probably had a tail light out or something) and I just had to turn and walk away.

    To Protect and Serve :-)

    If Obama tries to drink a beer everytime a policeman acts stupidly he will leave office with one hell of a beer gut.

  • He’ll die of alcohol poisoning. PDs really need to divest themselves of tasers & stock in the taser company.

  • Yeah. They really do. Our locals just got a few of them. The boys in blue were giddy about it. They got to tase a few fellow officers and have a good laugh. You can tell they can’t wait to get out on the street and use them on real criminals like unbuckled cell phone users.

  • I can’t blame them. I’d use a cattle prod on my teenagers if I could get away with it. It’s just that they shouldn’t be able to get away with it.

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