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I’m taking the day off unless I change my mind. So, it’s up to Buck & Jadarm. If you guys are dry, then I guess people can just browse the archives. Or take their shopping elsewhere.

I hear that Michael Vick has been hired by the Philadelphia Eagles to back up? replace? Donovan McNabb. Hmmm…


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  • I am all for the reinstatement of Michael Vick. He has done his time and there is not anything left that he can do but work hard and stay clean.

    Of course I am also who guy who thinks that the fact that Pete Rose is not in the hall of fame is a joke.

  • I am all for the reinstatement of Michael Vick.

    I’m not saying that the Commish should nix it. But speaking for myself as a fan, I look for players that I can admire without compartmentalizing away what I know about them. Vick doesn’t qualify in that regard. I don’t even think I can continue to consider myself a sometime Eagles fan.

  • RW

    Vick’s paid his debt & has missed two years, which is a large chunk of the average NFLer’s career, so there isn’t an issue, IMO. YeH, he’s a scumbag; one of many (the initials T and O come to mind). My problem is how much emphasis our society has placed on this story; was Mike Vick getting signed REALLY the top news story for the weekend? I mean, REALLY? I’m Mr. Sports Fan, don’t get me wrong, but there are other pressing items on the national agenda, methinks. Let’s not get carried away & think it’s moreimportant than Brangelina or what Miss California said or, I dunno, the near two trillion dollar deficit we’ve placed in front of our palate to coincide with the two wars that, apparently, few care about any more.

    Buck, Pete Rose bet on his own team while managing, which is third on the “no-no” list behind intentionally throwing games and/or betting against your team. He knew the rules in place & still broke them and admitted that he was as guilty as sin. Personally, I think he should be voted into the hall posthomously – along with Joe Jackson, someone else who was guilty – so that his ultimate punishment is never personally seeing his enshrinement and thus never being actually hailed as a hall of famer. If we’re not going to enforce the rules, then let’s do away with the false pretenses and remove the rules. Unless that’s what we’re willing to do, then, Pete Rose and any other cheaters (ahem, Bonds/A-Rod/McGwire), do not speak at their enshrinement in Canton. That place is supposed to be hallowed ground, after all. Years after they’re gone, yeah, he did the appropriate things on the field as a player. But he should never see his reward, IMO.

  • I don’t know if it’s that I’m a dog-lover or if it’s that I can’t abide the exploitation of the weak, or if the pathology of feeling pleasure in causing pain that revolts me… but I can’t look at him as “just another scumbag”. I never have subscribed too much to the “paid his price” theory of anything. Just because he’s done what the law requires of wrong-doers doesn’t mean that I have to think of him in any way different than I did before he went to prison. I guess the draw-back of not subscribing to the retribution theory of justice is that one cannot write off the past on the basis that retribution has been taken.

  • RW

    I was looking at it from the “league” standpoint & that he should be allowed to play just like the folks who have been arrested & convicted of their nefarious dealings.

    HUGE dog lover, here (you guys remember my angst over losing Holly & joy in getting Reagan). Personally, I’m with you, I’ll never look at Vick again & think anything other than “monster of a human being”. Truth be told, I’m a teddy-bear down deep: I make my wife stop the car so I can pick up the turtles & carry them to the other side of the highway. EVERY.TIME. Yes, that’s how much of an animal lover I am.

    But, yeah, I think the guy should be allowed to earn a living at his craft. I also think he should be booed like A-Rod in Fenway, wherever he goes.

  • Hell guys. I once took a mouse that was still alive out of a trap and set it free in the woods. I am still ridiculed in the family for that.

    If society sets rules as well as the punishments for when those rules are broken there is not much you can do once a rule breaker has paid the price society has required of him.

    I am real big on forgiveness. It is a character flaw I guess.

    I have wondered if the punishment for cockfighting is the same as the punishment for dog fighting. I have also wondered at times how the sentence Vick received compares to the sentencing of most other folks caught doing the same thing.

    I guess I could google it but to hell with it.

    Speaking of second chances, I still visit Maurice Clarett’s website most every day. Man, I still get a sick feeling when I think of what could have been for Maurice Clarett.

  • I believe in forgiving, too – coupled with a fair amount of skepticism, but I’m not too much on the forgetting part. But if I’m paying somebody to let me admire them, they dadgum well better not be somebody who gets chills – the good kind – from hurting an animal. I’d rather pay someone mouthy like T.O. for the privilege of admiring him. I would pay him to set the timing on my car without too much begrudgement, I guess.

  • RW

    I have wondered if the punishment for cockfighting is the same as the punishment for dog fighting.

    He was punished for much more than just dog fighting. He tortured (much more than just water-boarding, I mean the vicious kind) them and killed them in a demonic manner. Something ‘ain’t right’ with a person who would do such. Great athlete, but there are some more things in that dude’s basement than we know about.

    Let not your heart be toubled: no one’s going to forget, smijer. It will be on his virtual epitaph.

  • but there are some more things in that dude’s basement than we know about.

    Toys in his attic too ;-)

  • jadarm

    You dont have to like anyone. Thing is, he has paid his price that was required of him. He will never fully recover from this…but I think he should be allowed to play. Hell, look what Roger Goodell did to Donte “I am a good person who did a bad thing” Stallworth. One year, Vick gets four games.

    Some changes I would like to see in the NFL:

    1. I think Goodell should suspend Favre for 2 games just for being a diva.

    2. They should promote a Chad Johnson vs. T.O. celebrity boxing match. The loser gets banned from the NFL. The winner gets to play for the Raiders.

    3. Bill Belichick should be forced to tape all of his practices for the next 2 years and post them on Youtube.

    4. The Raiders should liquidate.

    5. Roger Goodell should leave the NFL union, come take over operations of the MLB Commisioners office and stick his foot up the players union’s ass!

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