Crazy Pool

$5 entry.. Date when first elected official in national office publicly endorses the euthanasia theory. For an extra dollar you can bet in the “Not Michelle Bachman or Marsha Blackburn” Pool, which pays out 2:1.

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  • Jan

    Do you mean when they say Obamacare has a section to openly endorse euthanasia or that there is a section there that leaves a legal door open for euthanasia to creep in?

  • for this pool, either kind of crazy will do. Foxx wasn’t exactly clear on which kind of crazy she was pushing… but either way, she has a staff of lawyers & unless she & they are all irredeemably stupid, she knows better…

  • Jan

    For the stupid, not so stupid and those who really do want to know. The section on end of life “consultation” and other issues is in section 1233. It isn’t going to be easy to decipher exactly what it all means because it refers to the Social Security Act and has a lot of sections a lawyer will have to interpret or a court justice in the event it becomes law. It does state that orders for life sustaining treatment are to be “standardized” which I interpret to mean that all states will have to comply.

  • Well, for the stupid, the crazy & the willfully ignorant, there’s no help… But you’re right – for those who have come across this trope in either form and don’t know what to make of it, HR3200 section 1233 is the place to start. I think this link will take you there.

    Other useful links are the Snopes page on one form of it, and the AARP response.

    This section should be lauded by anyone who believes that everyone should have a written advance directive (or “living will”) – since it provides more opportunities for people to consult a doctor on their options and have assistance putting such a directive together.

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