Crazy Pool Winner

Alright – every one that bet on “It’s already happened, you idiot”, come collect your prize. You can also have the 2:1 payout on the Not Michelle Bachman… as far as I know the only nationally elected official to advance the euthanasia trope in July was Virginia Foxx of NC:

So Kudos to Rep. Fox for heading up the crazy train….

Weirdly, Sarah Palin wasn’t far behind, and Michelle Bachman appears to be just itching to work in a “Death Panel” reference of her own.

And, more.

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  • jadarm

    I dunno man. I havent been keeping up w/ the healthcare thing as much as I should I guess because I honestly think its one thing Obama wants to spend a Trillion on that will not fly.

    You know most of my news comes from the radio, …now I know you are automatically thiking right wing. Possibly, but the nurses and doctors that come on these shows and saying the very same things are not Republicans or Democrats.

    True, they are more than likely a selected group of individuals to be interviewed based on the agenda of the host (or demographic)…but it still sounds to me like the majority, at least, of these professionals in the medical field are none too crazy about what Obama is proposing.

    The specific complaint on the vid you posted I have heard on numerous occasions…although she was a bit melodramatic in how she threw it out there.

    Man, I can go on and on about the spending that is going on. I am an economic idiot…but this massive spending…and what its going to, well hell, it just doesnt make sense.

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