The Singularity is Near

I was reading the Tucker Carlson interview of Jeb Bush last Friday and Tucker asked him what he was currently reading.

Sometimes folks think that is a bullshit question but I love to know what other folks are reading because I am always reading something.

Jeb said that he was reading The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology, by Ray Kurzweil. It sounded interesting so I put it on the Kindle.

I got through a couple of chapters this weekend and it is weird and wild and wacky stuff.

Any opinions out there about Ray Kurzweil?


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  • All I can say is that I’m surprised GWB would pick Kurzweil for summer reading. I’ve never read him, but I understand he’s a thoughtful, if fantastical, guy.

  • It was not GWB. It was Jeb.

    Fantatical pretty much sums it up. I think you would like him. I think he is a scientist I just did not know if other scientists considered him a scientist or not.

  • I think he’s done some reasonably respectable scientific work… more in engineering and applied science than theory… but he’s a jack of all trades – not just a “scientist”. When he writes futurist visions, that isn’t science, but speculation.

  • Anna K.

    Hmmmm. My father is an engineer who’s worked in AI and he loved that book, thinks Kurzweil is great and not full of hooey, is sorry he probably won’t be around to see said Singularity, and is predicting my children will be darn near immortal. I read it and it gave me such mixed feelings, to wit:

    My children are now teenagers and already think they are immortal. Does this mean a society which has incorporated Singularity-like advances will be . . . *gulp* . . . like a bunch of teenagers . . . ? And if so . . . will they all move back with Mom and Dad . . .?!?!?


    Anna “I think Mommy could reeeeeally use that non-nanobotted gin and tonic right now” K.

  • Anna – that’s such an awesome take. So far, I haven’t seen much evidence that they ever move out in the first place, but I digress.

  • jadarm

    I am currently reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck …but it gets to be a bit hard on the mind at times. I actually have to meditate on occasion in order to continue.

    I am sure, however, that the ending will no doubt surprise me more than anything I have perhaps ever read in my life and I continue reading with guilty pleasure!

  • It is good to know that he is considered reputable. He certainly sounds convincing but his stuff is so far over my head that I only get bits and pieces of it. I have to pretty much rely on summaries.

    Currently I am reading a chapter or two of “Singularity” and then reading a chapter or two of Perlstein’s book on Barry Goldwater. Mixing the two is definitely hard on the mind and meditation won’t even help. I will be surprised by the end of both books simply because I have finally gotten there.

    A world of perpetual teen-agers. Damn. We will need Universal Health Care then more than ever. And it will have to cover nerve pills and visits to the psychiatrist for old folks like me.

  • Speaking of perpetual adolescence, Happy Birthday, Jadarm!

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