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Yesterday’s rant and subsequent tempest has left me with little urge to blog. But, in case they would be lost in the recommended reading column, I’d like to point out some static pages I recently found at April DeConick’s blog that are – at least to me – thought provoking. Her take on the Gospel of Thomas is intriguing. Her take on the Gospel of Judas …. Gospel of Judas (correct link) is downright revolutionary.

For some reason, the Gnostic/Egyptian/Mystical strains of early Christianity haven’t ever really captured my imagination… but a lot of my friends are very interested in them. And, if I ever remember to tell them, they’ll be surprised to hear the thoughts on Judas presented in that link. They uniformly accept the National Geographic intepretation.

Myself – of the above, the Mystical strain is probably the most interesting to me. Hearing that GoT is mystical rather than gnostic resolves some questions I previously had about it, confirms my notion that full-blown gnosticism wasn’t well represented in the early years, and gives me a new perspective on Thomas – which is for me and by far the most interesting of the apocryphal Gospels.

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