Green Cities

Chattanooga didn’t make the cut in any category. Also conspicuous by their absence were Atlanta, Nashville, and Knoxville (though I don’t think we should be surprised by this).

Huntsville, AL made a couple of the lists, including top 15 overall. That did surprise me a little bit – I haven’t been to Huntsville in a while (except to duck south of it on the way to Decatur), but I’ve never gotten any particular impression of it as clean or green. I guess having a big tech sector where the rest of us settle for manufacturing may have something to do with it.

I would have liked to see Chattanooga get a mention in the green space category. I know a lot of people have worked very hard on our greenways, and they are very lovely. But, if 10 other mid-sized towns beat us out – I’d sure like to visit them!

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